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A look at our recent applications that netted 295K points with only 3 inquiries. It is a good example of why a slower approach pays off in the long term.


Testing out Amex Platinum roaside assitance after blowing a tire on our way to the Hyatt via Walmart on an attempt to load Kate. Why do these things happen right before early morning flights?


Successfully challenging Amazon's FBA reimbursement & how I combined a deal, credit card rewards, price matching and portal rewards to earn over 11K points/miles + $46 in rewards with no out of pocket cost!


All about my little Mccarran airport parking hack in Las Vegas and how it is cheaper for me to earn points staying at a hotel than to pay for parking.

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A look at the various types of airport designs and how frequent travelers quickly learn what they like and don't like about airports. Which airport features are the best and which ones don't stack up?

An interesting perspective on letting children gain a little empowerment through independence and why I let my son fly by himself from Germany to the US.