Alaska Air & BofA Deliver By Combining Their New Companion Fare...

Bank of America and Alaska Airlines recently upped the offer on their co-branded credit card to include a "free" Companion Fare, but there is a little trick you can use to do even better!

Alaska Airlines “Free” Companion Ticket Credit Card Bonus Offer Coming May...

Alaska Airlines will soon be offering a better Companion Ticket bonus for people who sign-up for their co-branded Bank of America credit card.

BofA Alaska Targeted Spending Offer: Save $75 Off $75+ Flight

Bank of America sent out today targeted offers to some Alaska credit card holders. The offer is probably aimed at those who have opened their cards recently.

Merrill+ 50K (Up to $1,000) Bonus Is Available Again Online &...

Looks like the offer is back again, online and by phone, although with some quirks.

How to Possibly Get the Merrill+ 50K (Up to $1,000) Bonus...

Credit Card Reconsideration
One of the better credit card deals of the year recently died, however there might still be a possible way to get this bonus which is worth up to $1,000.

Merrill+ Visa Signature 50K Offer No Longer Available

A great bonus is no longer available. Hipefully you were able to get the Merrill+ Visa Signature 50K offer.

Excessive Bank Of America Credit Cards Closed

Bank of America Free FICO Score
Bank of America has been closing some people's credit cards in recent days. Closures seem aimed at those who have a large number of cards from BoA.

Bank of America’s Free Museum Program Returns for 2017: New Dates...

The Bank of America free museums program has returned for 2017. Find out available dates, how to qualify and which museums will be participating this year.

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