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Gift Card & Spending Deals

Deals that have to do with gift cards and other ways of spending in order to earn points and meet minimum spending requirements.

Buy eBay Gift Cards With eBay Bucks… Again

eBay Bucks can no longer be used to purchase eBay gift cards. The new rules kicked in January 1st. But for now at least, they do not seem to be enforced.

Discounted Gift Cards on eBay: Save at Lowe’s and Toys’R’Us +...

eBay has added some new discounted gift cards today and they're sold by PayPal Digital Gifts.

Discounted Lowe’s Gift Cards, 10% Off Plus 5X

Gyft has a new offer on Lowe's gift cards that cane save you 10% plus you can earn some Ultimate Rewards

Discounted Lowe’s Gift Cards, Get $25 Bonus With $200 Purchase Plus...

PayPal Digital Gifts is selling discounted Lowe's gift cards on eBay. You can save over 16% in total.

Office Depot/Officemax, Save $10 on $50 Gift Card Purchase

officemax visa rebate
Office Depot and OfficeMax have an in-store unadvertised deal on select gift cards that can get you a 20% discount plus, 5X in credit card rewards.

Discounted Gift Cards with Samsung Pay; 20% Off eBay, Toys’R’Us, Overstock...

Samsung Pay has discounted gift cards available, including eBay, Toy'R'Us and Overstock. All of them are selling at a 20% discount.

New Deal at Staples, 20% Off Hotels.com Gift cards Plus 5x...

Staples has a new deal on gift cards coming next week that can get you decent savings at hotels.

eBay Gift Card Sale: Great Discounts Plus 5X on Some Brands

eBay has added some new gift cards to their Discounted Gift Cards section, with many of them also eligible for an extra 5x points

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