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Gift Card & Spending Deals

Deals that have to do with gift cards and other ways of spending in order to earn points and meet minimum spending requirements.

Discounted Gift Cards on eBay: Toys’R’Us, Domino’s GameStop and More

There’s some new discounted gift card deals on eBay. As a reminder, gift cards sold by PPDG will no longer earn 5X, unless you have an old Ink Mastercard.

Negative Cost Style Everywhere Visas at Safeway/Vons Plus Dining Deals

Safeway, Vons and other affiliated stores have two new coupons available that can get you decent savings on dining and fashion gift cards. While these coupons will work on retailer gift cards in those categories, they'll also work on Style and Dining Everywhere Visa Gift Cards.

Swych App: 5% Off All Gift Cards Today, Includes Amazon

Swych, an app that sells gift cards, ir running daily promotions for the holidays and today's offer is a good one. They have a 5% discount on all gift card purchases, up to $150, and they carry Amazon gift cards.

Two Gift Cards Deals at Kroger this Weekend, Get 4X Fuel...

Kroger and its affiliates have two separate offers available this weekend that can earn you 4x fuel points for Visa/MC/Amex card and third party gift cards.

CardCash Sale, Save an Extra 5% on Select Restaurant Gift Cards

CardCash has a new promotion that will save you 5% more on select restaurant gift cards sold on the site.

Stop&Shop/Giant Supermarkets, Save $20 on Groceries with $100 Lowe’s GC Purchase...

Stop&Shop and Giant supermarkets have a some new digital coupons that can save you 20% on some gift card purchases. When stacked with credit card rewards this gets even better.

Tons of Discounted Gift Cards on Amazon: Save on iTunes, JCPenney,...

Amazon is offering a few discounted gift cards today. Some of these go quick, so check right away if you’re interested in any of these brands.

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