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Amazon Scam Follow Up: Fake Tracking, Shutdown Accounts & A Final...

After covering the recent wave of scammers on Amazon I bought a product from one of them. This is how it all played out.

Studying Gift Card Reselling Markets & Profits: Lessons Learned From Riding...

A real world example and lesson learned from riding the gift card market wave. Doing this can result in much bigger profits than you would otherwise get.

Cash Advance Fees for Buying Some Gift Cards on eBay: What...

One huge eBay seller is coding as a cash advance for gift card purchases. Here is what you need to know.

A Sad Day: Target’s Online Gift Card Double Dip Has DIED!

A popular and lucrative way to double dip savings on the Target website has died.

It Is Now a Bit Safer to Buy Discounted Gift Cards...

Perhaps the largest gift card marketplace has made a customer friendly move by extending their guarantee period and thus making it safer to buy discounted cards from them.

An Afternoon of Gift Card Reselling: $400+ Profit in about 2...

Yesterday I spent about 2 hours buying gift cards and profited over $400 in cash and rewards. I could have done a lot more too. Here is how.

More Bluebird/Serve Shutdowns Today: My 4 Year Old Bluebird Still Lives!

American Express is shutting down more Bluebird & Serve accounts in 2017, but one old Bluebird card still lives on.

A Year of Reselling: A Million Miles/Points Earned, Lessons Learned &...

Want to build a reselling business to generate spend? I did that about a year ago and it has grown beyond belief. Here is the story of my first year including lessons learned along the way.

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