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Drop Spending App Locking Accounts & Redemptions for Manufactured Spending

A new spending app has very lucrative rewards, but manufactured spenders aren't now getting their accounts locked.

New Office Depot Rewards: Earnings on Gift Cards Are HEAVILY Capped

Office Depot's new rewards program has now rolled out. Unfortunately it is bad news for those who like to purchase gift cards.

Gyft Promo, $5 Off $50 eBay Gift Cards plus 5X

Gyft is one of my 7 easy and effective ways to earn 5X with my Chase Ink Plus and Cash cards. Today they are running...

Blocked: No More Mortgage Payments on Plastiq with Visa

Some big changes have come to bill payment service Plastiq. As of now certain cards are blocked from being used to pay a mortgage payment.

Simon Mall May Possibly Stop Selling 5% Back Visa Gift Cards?!?

Simon gift card fee increase
Simon Mall may stop selling their popular "5 Back" Visa gift cards effective immediately.

Amazon Scam Follow Up: Fake Tracking, Shutdown Accounts & A Final...

After covering the recent wave of scammers on Amazon I bought a product from one of them. This is how it all played out.

Studying Gift Card Reselling Markets & Profits: Lessons Learned From Riding...

A real world example and lesson learned from riding the gift card market wave. Doing this can result in much bigger profits than you would otherwise get.

Cash Advance Fees for Buying Some Gift Cards on eBay: What...

One huge eBay seller is coding as a cash advance for gift card purchases. Here is what you need to know.

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