Kohl’s Personal Appliance Sale Returns – Up to 40 Practically Free...

The annual Kohl's personal appliance sale has returned. Get some free appliances or sell them for a profit!

How I Did Selling Those “Dirt Cheap” Kindle Fire Tablets

I go over my results and lessons learned after flipping the Kindle Fire tablets I got from Amazon's mega sale two weeks ago.

Amazon Scam Follow Up: Fake Tracking, Shutdown Accounts & A Final...

After covering the recent wave of scammers on Amazon I bought a product from one of them. This is how it all played out.

Studying Gift Card Reselling Markets & Profits: Lessons Learned From Riding...

A real world example and lesson learned from riding the gift card market wave. Doing this can result in much bigger profits than you would otherwise get.

An Afternoon of Gift Card Reselling: $400+ Profit in about 2...

Yesterday I spent about 2 hours buying gift cards and profited over $400 in cash and rewards. I could have done a lot more too. Here is how.

A Year of Reselling: A Million Miles/Points Earned, Lessons Learned &...

Want to build a reselling business to generate spend? I did that about a year ago and it has grown beyond belief. Here is the story of my first year including lessons learned along the way.

Reselling DO Takeaways, Attending a Similar Conference & Reselling for MS

A brief recap of this past weekend's reselling DO, whether you should attend a similar conference, the idea of reselling as MS and other random takeaways from this past weekend.

Amazon Reselling Demystified: Lessons, Tips & Tools to Succeed!

Amazon reselling tools and tips to help you get started with online reselling. What you should know & what you need to do to find success!

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