Free Car Service Credit from Groundlink: Get $20 or $30 With EACH Visa Signature of Infinite Card $$$


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groundlink visa

Free GroundLink Rides, Get $20 or $30 Stackable Credit With Each Visa Card

GroundLink is a car service similar to Uber and Lyft. They are more luxurious and they offer either pick up/drop off service or hourly service, but rates are sometimes twice as much as competitors. However if you have enough Visa credit cards you can earn a few free rides.

The Offer

There’s two separate GroundLink discounts, one for Visa Signature Cards and the other for Visa Infinite cards. Some cards advertise this benefit but I believe most don’t.

All Visa Signature cards will get a $20 credit a 10% discount and all Visa Infinite cards will get a $30 credit and a 15% discount.

Here’s the links where you can check if your card is eligible and also add the credit to your account. Make sure to sign-up for an account first.

Stacking Offers

Credit can be stacked together if you have more than one of the eligible Visa cards, as I suspect most of you do. Its working for all personal Visa cards, even authorized user cards as long as those have a different card number.

$25 For Signing Up

GroundLink also has a referral program where both the referrer and referee receive a $25 credit. This credit is for first time users only and can also be stacked with the Visa credit.

You can use my referral link if you do not have an account.


Looks like a great deal if you can bundle together lots of credit and should get you some free rides. They also service some countries where Uber is not available.

I have never used them personally but riding in nice cars for free sounds pretty good.

HT: Miles Briefs

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