Miles to Memories Resources

Miles to Memories Resources


Want to learn how to maximize your travel hacking? These resources are designed to help get you up to speed in all areas covered by Miles to Memories. From credit to maximizing your spending and earning, we have resources to get you up to speed.

Spending More

How To Liquidate Prepaid Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards

Where To Buy Pin-Enabled Gift Cards for Manufactured Spend

Manufactured Spend – Is It Worth It?

Manufactured Spend Return On Investment – Do You Account for your Time?

Manufactured Spending for the Time Strapped & How I Can Meet the Minimum Spending on My Recent Application Round


Don’t Fall Into This Trap Of The Miles/Points Game

Hotel Award Charts

Personal Finance/Credit

Debt Is Evil

Comparing Free FICO Score Offerings From Each of the Major Banks & How to Get Your Score Free!

How Your FICO Credit Score Is Calculated

Credit Card Churning & Getting a Mortgage: What to Expect Top to Bottom

Credit Card Retention/Reconsideration

Credit Card Retention Tips & Takeaways from Recent Experiences with 4 of the Largest Banks! (Chase, Amex, Citi & Barclaycard)

Full Guide to Citi Retention – Answers to all of your questions & how to get the best offers!

Credit Card Reconsideration: Change That Denial to an Approval! (Tips & Need to Knows)

The Credit Card Reconsideration Letter – What to Include & A Sample

Credit Card Reconsideration Strategies When Calling In Fails

A Higher Level Chase Reconsideration Office with Super Powers?

Amex Offers

A Great Improvement to the Amex Offers Interface: Find Offers Faster & Easier!

Pro Tip: How to Make Amex Offers Multiple Tab Loading Even Faster!

Performing an Amex Offers Audit: Are You Ready for the Next Storm of Deals?

How I Automated My Twitter Accounts to Sync With Amex Offers

Strategies for Registering Multiple Twitter Accounts for Amex Offers & Getting Around Phone Verification

Merchandise Reselling/Cashback

Shopping Portal Roulette: Is It Smart to Use the Latest Portal or Stick with Trusted Ones?

Shopping Portal Strategy – Save the Most Money in the Least Amount of Time

Amazon Reselling Demystified: Lessons, Tips & Tools to Succeed!

FBA Reselling Tools: 9 Must Have Tools You Should Have In Your Arsenal!

5 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Merchandise Reselling for Manufactured Spend!

Merchandise Reselling Pitfalls – An Example of Why Reselling Isn’t for Everyone

Gift Card/Ticket Reselling

Gift Card Reselling & Arbitrage: A Painful & Expensive Lesson Resurfacing from the Past!

Why Gift Card Reselling Probably Isn’t Worth the Time & Effort

Gift Card Arbitrage – Guaranteed Money Makers & Big Credit Card Rewards

Advanced Gift Card Arbitrage & Reselling – Bulk Accounts & Finding the Best Deal

Beginner’s Guide to Ticket Reselling for Manufactured Spending & Profit

Beginner’s Guide to Ticket Reselling for Manufactured Spending & Profit – Part 2

Ticket Reselling Comes with Fantastic Gains & Crushing Losses: 6 Lessons Learned the Hard Way