Southwest FACTA Class Action Lawsuit – Is A Check Coming In The Mail For You?


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A couple of months ago I received a letter in the mail about a class action lawsuit against Southwest Airlines. The Southwest FACTA class action lawsuit accused the company of violating the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act.  The violation came as a result of Southwest printing the expiration dates of credit and debit cards on the receipts of customers who paid at airport ticket counters from 2007-2012 and cargo counters from 2007-2013.

Late last year both sides agreed to a settlement with Southwest paying $1.8 million dollars to members of the class. It was estimated at the time that each member of the class would receive anywhere from $25-$200. Since both my wife and I qualified for this, I filled out the form and completely forgot about it.

Apparently the final settlement was approved on March 28, 2014 and checks were mailed out. I was delighted when I opened my mail yesterday and found two checks in the amount of $61.77 a piece. (One each for my wife and I.) This post is more a heads up to everyone else who may be receiving a check. Make sure to look out for it.  Don’t you just love when unexpected money comes in the mail?

If you would like to know about the details of the lawsuit, a website has been set up with all of the information. Unfortunately it is too late to opt-in, so if you didn’t already fill out the form, you are out of luck.



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