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Discover, Activate Q3 Categories and Check If You Are Targeted to...

Amazon has published the 5% bonus categories for the third and fourth quarters on this year, but there's also a targeted offer that's showing up for some on their account.

Amazon Scam Follow Up: Fake Tracking, Shutdown Accounts & A Final...

After covering the recent wave of scammers on Amazon I bought a product from one of them. This is how it all played out.

Amazon Discount, Get $25 Off $50 When You Use Amex MR...

Use at least one Membership Rewards point to get up to 50% off at Amazon. Check if you're targeted.

Amazon Gift Card Sale, 17% Off Staples, Sears, Starbucks & More

Amazon is offering $8.62 off your purchase of $50 or more on a variety of gift cards. The offer is available today only.

Amazon JetBlue’s Amazing 3X Deal is Posting!

JetBlue and Amazon have teamed up to offer a fantastic rebate on your shopping. Now the points are posting to confirm it is indeed a great deal.

A Year of Reselling: A Million Miles/Points Earned, Lessons Learned &...

Want to build a reselling business to generate spend? I did that about a year ago and it has grown beyond belief. Here is the story of my first year including lessons learned along the way.

Great Deal! Up to 15% off Amazon & More When Changing...

Save up to 15% off at Amazon and get other great offers with this new moving special. It works even if you only move temporarily!

How to Earn an Extra 3X on ALL Purchases at Amazon!

You can now earn 3X airline miles on all purchases at Amazon. Find out how!

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