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Don’t Make This Huge Mistake with Statement Credits & Minimum Payments

A simple but huge mistake can cost you money and prestige with a bank. Don't do this when dealing with payments and statement credits.

How I Just Saved 27% On My Purchase By Paying with...

How paying for a product in a foreign currency can save a lot of money & a recent example where Russian Rubles saved my 27%.

Happy Birthday to Me & 5 Quick Tips For Better Travel...

A few tips for saving money and traveling better inspired by a timely "Happy Birthday" email this morning from AARP.

The Manufactured Spend Roller Coaster Ride: Advice You Need to Hear!

With the many positive and negative developments in the world of manufactured spend, perhaps it is time to shift your perspective, diversify your tactics and take a positive view of the exciting future.

Citi ThankYou Flight Search Tips & How to Find a Decent...

How to successfully search for flights and specific routings using the Citi ThankYou flight search engine including tips & best practices for success.

Citigold Checking Application Process – Step By Step Walkthrough

A step by step guide to applying for a Citigold checking account in order to get a bonus up of to 50K points or miles.

How to Secure Message US Bank to get a Club Carlson...

How to send a secure message to U.S. Bank via their website and how a recent message I sent them got me a free hotel night certificate to use anywhere in the world.

Why a “Best Card for Everyday Spend” Probably Isn’t Necessary

A detailed look at how my overall strategy has so much opportunity already that I simply don't find much benefit in finding and using a best card for everyday spend.

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