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Citi has been Denying Trip Delay Insurance Claims for the Prestige...

Citi has made some changes to the Prestige's trip delay insurance.

Guide to Credit Card Shopping Benefits: Which Card Should You Use...

RetailMeNot Cashback Portal Feature
Do you ever wonder if the best card to use for a purchase is based solely on the amount of rewards you get for the purchase, or should specific card benefits play a factor? Shopping Benefits Guide A look at the differences in shopping protections for purchases made with different cards based on issuer.

Complete Guide to Credit Card Travel Credits & How to Maximize...

Annual travel credits explained
So many premium credit cards, so many travel credits. Hopefully this Travel Rewards Credit Card Travel Credits complete guide will shed some light on your credits and how to use them.

More Info on BofA’s New Premium Card & Why I Will...

Bank of America Free FICO Score
New info about the Bank of America Premium Rewards card earnings & bonus including why I'm applying & how this is the Jeckyl & Hyde of premium cards.

U.S. Bank’s New Premium Card Rumored to Launch May 1st &...

The U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Card is reportedly coming May 1. A Sapphire Reserve competitor, it will come with 3X earnings on mobile wallet purchases, a huge travel credit, free Gogo internet and more!

How to Possibly Get a 50K Offer for the Citi Prestige...

It may be possible to get a 50K bonus on the Citi Prestige card with a lower annual fee before the upcoming bonus rule changes.

More Huge Citi Prestige Changes: No More 1.6¢ AA Redemptions, 4th...

We have learned of even more changes coming next year to the Citi Prestige including the removal of some of the most valuable card benefits.

The Citi Prestige Benefit I Just Accidentally Stumbled Upon & Why...

chase fairmont gone
If you use Citi's ThankYou points to pay for flights, normally you are not able to cancel a reservation. Holders of the Prestige card however are allowed to cancel for free for 24 hours.

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