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Does Citi Owe You ThankYou Points? Check Your Emails!

Citi may owe you ThankYou points if you have or have had a Premier card.

Turn Your SPG and ThankYou Points Into Cheap Upper Class Tickets...

Avianca LifeMiles Opportunities Using Transfer Partners SPG and Citi ThankYou. Program Overview and Sweet spot redemptions.

Citi Adds Avianca LifeMiles as New Transfer Partner

Citi Adds New Transfer Partner: Avianca Lifemiles
Citi Adds New Transfer Partner: Avianca Lifemiles. You can now transfer Citi Thank You Points to Avianca Airline's LifeMiles Program. This is an exciting new addition to the Citi Transfer partners program because Avianca has some awesome sweet spots.

Citi Adds Jet Airways as Transfer Partner

Citi has added Jet Airways to the list of transfer partners for its ThankYou Rewards program.

50% Bonus on Point Transfers to JetBlue for Citi ThankYou Cardmembers...

You can get a 50% bonus when you transfer ThankYou points to JetBlue till the end of April.

Uber Vegas Crazy Surge Pricing, New Looser Restrictions on Cuba, Americans...

Things That Caught My Eye What New Rules Mean for Travel to Cuba The United States loosened up travel restrictions to Cuba once again today. While...

My Citi ThankYou Preferred Retention Offer – It’s Good (Really Good)!

Find out the details of my wife's Citi ThankYou Preferred Retention Offer and why it has ensured the card will be on the top of her wallet!

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