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Discover, Activate Q3 Categories and Check If You Are Targeted to...

Amazon has published the 5% bonus categories for the third and fourth quarters on this year, but there's also a targeted offer that's showing up for some on their account.

Earn $50 Cashback Bonus with Discover and Android Pay [Targeted]

Discover send out an email last night with a great offer that can easily net you some cashback by using Android Pay.

Discover it 2nd Quarter 2017 Bonus Categories Announced: How Do They...

Discover has announced the 2nd quarter 2017 5% bonus categories. Where can you earn extra cashback and how do these categories compare to what Chase Freedom is offering?

Discover’s $100 Bank Bonus Returns & Why it is Still a...

Discover Bank is once again offering their very simple and quick $100 Savings Account bonus. Find out the code you need and whether it makes sense to pursue this deal.

Get 10% Back on $200 in Purchases at Best Buy with...

Get 10% back on $200 in purchases at Best Buy with this new targeted Discover offer.

Turning Your Discover Cash Into a Profit Machine: Make It Grow...

Make your Discover Cash turn a profit with gift card reselling. I earned $200 (10% more) in less than an hour!

Discover’s 1st Quarter 2017 5% Bonus Categories Announced: Familiar with 1...

The Discover Q1 2017 Bonus Categories have been announced and they look familiar with one very nice addition!

How to Link Multiple Discover Accounts to the Same Login

Discover has finally made it possible to link multiple credit card accounts to the same login. It is simple and easy. Here is how to do it.

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