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Review: SAS Lounge Oslo Airport

An aesthetically pleasing space and a nice place to stop before a flight out of Oslo.

Hotel Review: Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Hyatt Ziva Cancun Review It was the middle of a long brutal South Florida winter (insert sarcasm emoji here) but the truth was, I was...

Halloween 2016 Free/Discounted Food Roundup: Where to go & How to...

Where to get free or discounted food this Halloween!

Spending Thanksgiving In a Foreign Country

A small story about our New Zealand Thanksgiving experience. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for being the best readers out there!

How Do You Celebrate Your Birthday While Traveling?

Shawn Reece's birthday desert. A donut!
Today we celebrated Shawn Reece's 14th birthday much in the same way that we celebrated his 7th. Find out how & tell us how you celebrate birthdays when traveling.

Travel & Food

A street vendor in Antigua, Guatemala selling pupusas, roasted meat and other foods.
My thoughts on travel & food and how they go hand in hand. How food really opens doors to different cultures as you travel. How it binds us all together.

Getting My Hands Dirty Eating A Traditional Kerala Sadya

Kerala Sadya
A Sadya is a traditional Keralan vegetarian meal eaten with one's right hand. The Sadya experience was stimulating on many levels & the food was delicious!

Are These The Best Dumplings In The World?

Have you ever eaten something so good that you traveled back just to eat it again? For me the food is dumplings and the place is a food court in Beijing!

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