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More Info on BofA’s New Premium Card & Why I Will...

Bank of America Free FICO Score
New info about the Bank of America Premium Rewards card earnings & bonus including why I'm applying & how this is the Jeckyl & Hyde of premium cards.

Chase Making a Significant Change to the Sapphire Reserve Travel Credit...

Chase Freedom New 5X Categories
Chase has changed some terms on their site that will have a huge impact on the Sapphire Reserve's travel credit for new cardmembers.

Head to Head: Sapphire Reserve vs. Altitude Reserve. Which Card Comes...

U.S. Bank is releasing a new premium credit card called Altitude Reserve. It has some exciting new features, but how does it stack up against the top card in the market, the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Sapphire Reserve Bonus Will Plummet, But You Might Still Want to...

The Chase Sapphire Reserve bonus is dropping in a few days for online applications. Form a game plan to decide if you should go for it now or wait. Waiting might definitely be a good option for some people.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Credit in the Real World: What Counts...

A look at how the Chase Sapphire Reserve travel credit works in the real world including which categories I received credit for and which ones I didn't during a recent trip.

Chase Ritz & Sapphire Reserve Same Day, Combined Inquiries & Beating...

Despite Chase's recent tightening and their 5/24 guideline, there is opportunity with the bank including multiple cards in the same day with one inquiry. Here is how my wife got the Sapphire Reserve & Ritz Carlton cards recently.

Sapphire Reserve Frenzy, “Devalued” Physical Card & What Does This Mean...

Sapphire Reserve was so popular that they ran out of cards, but what does this mean in the long term for the card and for Ultimate Rewards?

Chase Sapphire Reserve Application Unavailable: What Does This Mean?

The Chase Sapphire Reserve application is currently not working. What does this mean?

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