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How Chase Reversed My Point Transfer Due To Hurricane Irma

It took a Hurricane, phantom availability and cancelled flights to get an exception, but it is possible to get Chase to reverse points transfers from Ultimate Rewards to travel partners.

Editorial: POLARIS – United makes a new Business Case.

With United's announcement of their new POLARIS premium class service, they now move towards a focus on the customer experience which hasn't existed with them for quite some time.

Huge Holiday Portal Bonuses from AAdvantage & MileagePlus: More Bonuses Likely...

AAdvantage and MileagePlus are running very lucrative holiday bonus promotions. Details & will other portals be soon to follow?

Why the New United.com Is Terrible & A Cool Trick to...

United's new website has a lot of issues. Thankfully it is still possible to load the old website with a little trick. Let me show you how.

United Untied – What Happened to this Once Great Airline?

In light of their recent change of leadership, here is a look at the history of United Airlines and how it has turned into a shell of what it once was.

Meet United’s New Domestic First Class Seat – Evolutionary Not Revolutionary

United's New Narrowbody First Class Seat United Airlines has announced that they will begin retrofitting many of their narrowbody aircraft with a new premium cabin...

United’s Customer Service Response to the Falling Roof Panel & Slow...

Details of a recent United customer service failure I encountered after contacting them regarding poor service on a recent flight.

The Scariest Thing I Have Ever Seen on a Plane Happened...

On today's flight we witnessed a ceiling panel come loose and slam down in the forward galley. Luckily no one was hurt, however it was the scariest thing I have ever seen happen on board a flight.

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