Caesars Entertainment & Total Rewards Throws Members a Bone


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Total Rewards Diamond Lounge Access Rules for 2018

Total Rewards Diamond Lounge Access Rules for 2018

Total Rewards announced changes (hello devaluation) to their Diamond and Seven Stars status a few weeks ago. I am guessing they got bombarded with complaints after their proposed changes to the program because they walked back on of them, kind of.

Diamond Lounge Access

Total Rewards made a lot of changes to their program for 2018 but they are throwing Diamond members a small bone when it comes to Diamond Lounge access.

Old Rule –

  • Any Diamond member (15,000+ tier credits) was allowed free access into any Las Vegas Diamond lounge and could bring one guest.  This included Diamond members that achieved status in other ways, via status match or FoundersCard etc.

Announced Change –

  • Only members who have earned 25,000+ tier credits this year or the previous year get free lounge access.  From 15-25,000 tier credits you need to pay 1000 reward credits per person to access the lounge.  Cash can not be used.

Newest Change –

Here is a chart showing the NEW changes for 2018.

Total Rewards Diamond Lounge Access Rules for 2018

They have extended the old lounge access rules (everyone gets in free) until March 31, 2018.  Then Total Rewards added this progressive chart that will allow you to keep your free lounge access throughout the year while building up to 25,000 tier credits.


This change most likely came from the large amount of negative blow back they got from their proposed changes last month.  This makes it easier to keep your free lounge access active throughout the year if you are a gambler.  It, unfortunately, does not help out those who got Diamond status via other routes, like FoundersCard.


Do you think this was a big enough bone to keep loyal gamblers in the fold?  Let me know what you think about these changes in the comments section.

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  1. I planned on getting the Total Rewards credit card but after these negative changes I’ll have to pass.

  2. It’s total BS I hate Caesars Entertainment. Least customer friendly company in Vegas I’ve ever seen. If I gamble in Vegas it’s at Treasure Island, they have the easiest player’s club to get cheap rooms with no resort fees or off the strip. As far as best program I have to give it to MGM’s MLife. I don’t know what it is I usually stay at their properties and go to their shows the most. It was super easy to get gold MLife status through Hyatt before they changed Hyatt program. MLife took a hit, as did all who charge for parking.

  3. We are Seven Stars Total Rewards members achieved by play alone. As players, who have earned status through play, I have to say it is quite frustrating having to deal with long lines at Diamond Clubs overrun at peak times by “low rated” players and those who achieved status via another means. That being said, being a points hoarder, I get the appeal. I didn’t think the way Caesars rolled out the changes was right. They should have given more notice to their players to give them a chance to reach the higher level that was going to be required. There was no notice to most players. Their tiered scale will do little to nothing to help the casual player. I am an independent casino host and have many clients that I place at Caesar’s properties almost exclusively. This was a big hit to the program and a huge devaluation. The elimination of the Aspiration levels was also a big hit. There is a huge disparity in levels of rewards in the new program. As a player, it is very difficult to achieve Seven Stars status as it is and it kept us loyal. We had a good year but have already had the conversation about changing to another rewards program that matches status. We have the play to back it up but aren’t willing to continue to commit and be loyal if they continue to devalue their program. It is my belief that this is going to have a huge negative effect on their customer loyalty. Time will tell. These changes make me nervous as a player and a host.

    • I think getting rid of the Aspiration levels was the biggest hit. I don’t see the logic for it – if anything they should have added in more levels to make them more obtainable even if they had smaller bonus “perks”.

      There is no reason for me to gamble past 25k and I have racked up 80k in tier credit each of the last 2 years. Pretty sad. What programs are you looking at that status match?

      I think they could have made the change that you needed to “earn” diamond status to get it free. Actually earn the 15k in tier credits. That would have eliminated most of what you are talking about.


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