Uber Eats Review: The Driver Did What to my Food?!?


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Uber Eats Review

Uber Eats Review

Uber is the conglomerate that just wants to keep growing. Their various levels of “ridesharing” services can be found just about everywhere in the world and now they need to branch out. Of course where better to do this than with a food delivery service. Because.No.One.Else.Is.Doing.It.

Actually the idea sort of makes sense. They already have idle drivers out on the road and they have infrastructure built to handle these sorts of things as well. Unfortunately that is where it stops making sense. Being a driver who takes someone from “Point A” to “Point B” is different then getting food and delivering it. I have found that out the hard way.

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My 1st Experience

The first time I ordered through Uber Eats, it was from a pizza place about 20 minutes from our house. We had ordered food from there once before through another service and it was really good so we were looking forward to our meal. When I fired up the app and ordered, it said the food would arrive in about 45-55 minutes.

Of course that didn’t happen and after an hour I used the app to call the driver to see what was going on. (A good feature.) She informed us that the restaurant never made our food and that she was waiting for it. She apologized and said we would receive a credit. (Which never came.) It took another 35 minutes for it to arrive. Not the worst experience in the world and we certainly didn’t blame her, but it highlights an issue with Uber Eats. Uber drivers are not delivery drivers and thus don’t communicate in the same way.

uber eats review

The Driver Did What?!?

Since I love punishment, we decided to order once again through Uber Eats about a week later. This time it was from a Gastropub about 10 minutes from our house. Since it was geographically closer to us, the app said the food would arrive within 35-45 minutes. Not bad and indeed I received a text that the driver was on his way about 30 minutes later.

One cool thing about Uber Eats is that you can track the driver in the app in preparation for their arrival. Unfortunately for us this driver would never arrive. He instead drove to the front gate of my community (the gate code was on the order) and marked the food as delivered. Once that happens you can’t contact the driver or do anything else.

Contacting Uber Eats

While most food delivery services have a chat function, Uber Eats makes you call them. So once again we were on the phone finding out what was going on. This time the agent who seemed to be in a foreign call center, placed my wife on hold and called the driver. The driver said he couldn’t find our house and just threw the food away. WHAT?!?!?

Of course the GPS showed he never even entered our housing community nor attempted to find our house. Our house isn’t hidden and Uber drivers and all other delivery drivers find it just fine. So what exactly happened? I don’t know. My guess is that he either got a call to give someone a ride and didn’t want to lose it or most likely he was headed home and decided that our food would make for a nice dinner. If that is indeed what happened, I almost can’t be mad at the guy for being clever. 🙂

After communicating the bad news, the Uber Eats phone agent did apologize and offered us a $10 credit for the hassle, but said I would have to reorder. (He also zeroed out our first order.) Additionally he did call the restaurant to rush the order and in about 30 minutes another Uber driver brought our food. It was hot and very good. In fact, all of our Uber Eats orders have been delivered hot!

uber eats review

Uber Eats Review

So yeah we had a rough start with this food delivery service, but if they are running their free delivery launch promotion (which is now over in Vegas it seems) then it is probably worth a try depending on which restaurants are available in your area. If you are considering Uber Eats, here are some things to think about.

Uber Eats Positives:

  • Good selection of restaurants not covered by other delivery services.
  • Flat $4.99 fee for delivery which is waived in some markets upon launch.
  • Ability to track the driver and contact them via the Uber Eats app.

Uber Eats Negatives:

  • Drivers do not do deliveries full time and thus don’t communicate well.
  • Uber emphasizes not to tip and the driver does receive some money for the delivery but that is still awkward. We tip anyway.
  • There seems to be communication issues between Uber and the restaurants.
  • There is no way to rate a driver and there is little oversight. For example, we were told no one was going to follow about our driver’s claim about throwing out the food.
  • There is no chat function. You have to call and agents aren’t the easiest to understand.

$10 Off First Order

If you have never used Uber Eats before, they do have a referral promotion going on. If you sign-up with the code eats-milestomemories then you will receive a $10 credit for your first order and I will receive $5. If you do use my code think about the hell you will be forcing me to go through when I need to redeem my credit. 😉


Uber Eats isn’t ready for prime time, at least in my experience. I did order a third time to use my credit and it was a better experience, but in my opinion there are too many downfalls and too much competition to make Uber Eats my go to delivery service. With that said, with the right deal or the right restaurant, I’ll give them another try. I’ll just make sure to have plenty of patience and plenty of time.

Have you tried Uber Eats in your area? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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  1. Works amazingly in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The delivery fee and referral bonuses vary from area to area, in Brooklyn the delivery fee is $2.99 and the new user gets $15 off. However they are promoting adding new restaurants and the fee has been waived for some time. The tipping thing is weird we usually do anyways as well as most are delivered by hard working people on bikes and not by actual uber drivers.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience! I noticed that Amazon’s delivery service used a lot of bike messengers in NYC as well. Wonder if some of them are working for both.

  2. As an Uber Eats driver, I have some thoughts to share:

    The restaurant receives the order on an iPad app and sets a timer that estimates how long the food will take to be prepared. 10 minutes before the order is “ready” the system autopings the nearest driver. This means:

    1) Popular restaurants that are swamped with orders may not have the cooking equipment to keep up with preparing food. Some restaurants prefer to serve their own in-house customers first too, because Uber insists that the restaurant retail price be the same as the Uber Eats retail price but takes a 30% cut from any Uber Eats order. I’ve waited 50 min for picking up orders before.

    2) Uber Eats deliveries are paid per pickup and per mile, but not for time. As a result if I get to the pickup point and no one is there, I will make a phone call. If customer is uncontactable I will call the Uber Eats hotline, and they will tell me to wait 10 min before disposing of the order once they verify that customer is uncontactable (but it is to our own discretion how long we want to wait). Since we don’t get paid for time I’d expect that some drivers would just dump it/get a free dinner and run off to find the next ping.

    • Thanks for sharing some insight into how it all works. It makes sense about not wanting to wait for a customer, but in this case it was confirmed that he never called or attempted to get past the gate. He said he simply couldn’t find my house and threw away the food.

  3. In So Cal, we ordered from a place 1.2 miles away. At 7:50 PM, the app said the food was ready,. At 8:10 PM the app showed the driver picked up the food. At 8:25 the food arrived. Luke warm burgers were awful. The order slip in the bag showed the driver picked up at 7:55. What was she doing for half an hour? Eating our fries? Yapping on the phone? Driver herself was questionable Ick.

  4. I’ve had good to average experiences in DC using uber eats. The $4.99 delivery fee is sometimes more than other services charge, but uber eats has A LOT of very good restaurants that simply aren’t available for delivery elsewhere. I’d say my experience with uber eats pretty much mirror my experience using uber generally – there’s going to be a few drivers who aren’t the best but generally things will end up working out. However, if I ever had any of the problems Shawn had I’d be pretty annoyed too.

    Plus, it records as a normal uber transaction on your statement so you get travel bonus plus spg points if you have your accounts linked. Not life changing but nice.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. They also have some unique restaurants here as well and appear to be adding new ones all of the time. Good point in mentioning how it appears on a statement. Every little bit helps.

  5. “Uber emphasizes not to tip and the driver does receive some money for the delivery but that is still awkward. We tip anyway.”

  6. Do the drivers take the state required food handling certifications? I would want to know they have before trying it. If they don’t Uber has a big problem.

    Also I could see hard working drivers siphoning bits of food from meals with no chance of being caught. It gives the buyer less value and makes the reseraunt not look,as good. Even my own wife can’t get my portion of fries home without taking a few.

    • Hey – working as an uber cyclist in London. I don’t know about the driver nipping chips (possiby from the passenger seat), but as a cyclist you can guarantee we just lob it into the bag and forget about it until we cycle as fast as we can to the destination before it gets cold from windchill. Cycling with chips in your gob isn’t easy either!

    • I just started driving for UBER for extra income, we do not handle the food, we do not need a food handlers certificate, although I do have one. ServSafe and food handler certificates are for people that prepare food, not deliver it. As far as people “siphoning ” food, my goodness I would hope not, LOL, that is JUST WRONG!!! I am learning about a whole bunch of great restaurants in my neighborhood though, they will be gaining a new customer in me!

  7. Tip your driver they sometimes work for $4.00 per hr and in Houston, TX those murder highways are the worst highways and streets to drive ….people are killed in aweful crashes ..

    • Thank you for being considerate. It is very unpleasant when I have to be in tough situation to get the food to my client and not get tipped. They think we get paid $25 an hour, unfortunately.

  8. This was my worst food delivery experience. First, I ordered from the menu which turned out to have a critical error (causing me to get a vegan burrito instead of a burrito w/ prawns and cheese). Then I couldn’t get feedback to Uber (no listed contact info, but found it on their ridesharing site later), so I called the restaurant. They insisted that the burrito I ordered did not come w/ Prawns and cheese (because they were not looking at the online menu showing the menu misprint), so I double checked and took screenshots of the menu and then called the restaurant again. The restaurant was very frustrated and said they could not remake unless I reordered w/ Uber Eats. I told them I could not talk to Uber Eats w/out any contact info and the restaurant gave me the phone contact. When I called Uber Eats, it quickly became apparent that they were just following the apology script and all they could do was give a refund. FORGET ABOUT BEING HUNGRY AND SUDDENLY GOING VEGAN, BUT A REFUND WAS NOT ENOUGH INCENTIVE TO EVER USE THIS SERVICE AGAIN. What a joke, no way to leave feedback=never using.

    • …Your story isn’t very clear. A menu misprint? Like one that you can read and recognize before ordering? If it was a menu problem like an item number not matching a description then that’s on the restaurant. Uber doesn’t just make up a menu off the top of their heads. They get it from the restaurant and offer it to you exactly as they received it. And a driver can only get the food to you if you order through the app, so if the restaurant screwed up and couldn’t make you what you wanted the first time and you wanted the remake delivered, then of course you’d have to re-order through the app. Either way, it sounds like at most it was a problem with the restaurant, not Uber Eats.

  9. What did you expect ubereats pays drivers about $6/hour dont expect much for $6/hour
    and dont order from uber they are charging customer alot and restaurants and pay driver cheap so drivers get angry alot

  10. Darn tooting. Read a drivers forum and see how we are treated by Uber/entitled customers. Most people expect hot food and no need to tip. Wage is less than minimum.

    So yes, expect my grubby hands in your food.

    Pay me like a professional and I’ll act like one.

  11. Sitting in our favorite restaurant last week, saw an Ubereats driver come in for a delivery pickup. Restaurant handed her the bag, and she said “I’d like to order something to go”. She then waited 20 minutes with her customer’s food sitting on the table. Two days later, our driver from a competitive company delivered our order 45 minutes late because he attempted to pickup/deliver 2 orders in one trip. Services like Ubereats will not survive if they can’t find a way to police such bad decisions by unprofessional drivers. People do not like incompetent or unscrupulous people handling their food.

    • I’m a driver for another delivery service. When two restaurants are near each other and there aren’t enough drivers to go around, we are specifically told to pick up BOTH orders and then deliver both based on scheduled dropoff time (earlier one first). If you don’t know what it’s like to work for these services, don’t pretend that you do, and DEFINITELY don’t be silly enough to insult us by calling us “incompetent,” “unscrupulous,” and “unprofessional” when we work just as hard as you do to pay our bills.

      • I hate those double deliveries. Recently had a woman, who was lined up as the second drop off, upset because her app showed that I was driving away from her house instead of toward it with her food. I explained that uber sometimes has us pick up two orders if they’re at the same restaurant (I’ve never had separate restaurant double orders with uber but have with doordash) and I have to deliver to whoever uber tells me to deliver to first. I can’t even see her address until I finish the first delivery. She didn’t care, was super rude and condescending, and ruined my 100% satisfaction rating -_- If uber isn’t going to ASK customers if they are willing to be part of a double order like with uberpool then they should at least not allow the person second in line to see that we’ve started delivery yet and see where we are on the map.

  12. Most communities in vegas are gated, there should be an option on uber eats app, for eaters to provide their gate code with their corresponding bldg/unit No., for fast deliveries.
    I had experienced delivering in a far flung gated community and was trying to contact the eater, but it was an answering machine, saying the guy wasn’t there, patiently I dialed several times thinking he’s just in the bathroom, I contacted support to call the eater but luckily a resident entered and I followed, food was delivered the couple were waiting at their driveway and waving at me while I was nearing. Sad when I went back I got lost, I tried using maps but I can’t get a signal cause I was at the vicinity of red rock mountain, I finally found a street I’m familiar with and I’m home at last.

  13. I work for ubereats in Chicago. Honestly, it’s a bullshit system. I’m a bike courier and I do a lot of miles. The not tipping option is annoying and uber doesn’t pay us enough. You’re lucky if you get a car delivery because there is literally no money in it for them. For example; we have no hourly rate, it’s strictly per diem, 3.30 for pick up 1.70 for drop off and 1.50 per mile before uber takes their 30 percent. If I wait more than five minutes at a restaurant I’m basically working slave wage, if I wait or have to go up a high rise for a customer I’m basically working slave wage. I have done bicycle food delivery for a while and it’s not worth it through this app. On an 11 hour shift I’ll make 150 dollars after uber takes their 30 percent and they expect quality. I’m sorry you had some bad experiences but it’s on uber.

  14. UberEats in Atlanta Georgia is horrible! If Anyone in today’s day and age think that you can promote good service and make employees care about their job and keeping it if they are not working on a incentive based system. ⭐⭐⭐ Many of the restaurant prices are $2.00-$6.00 higher than the prices listed in the actual real menu that are in the actual locations that you walk into. When I asked the manager at the restaurant, he told me that UberEats did all the pricing, his company had nothing to do with anything involving the entire process. All of the other food delivery services in my area encourage tipping, and the service that I get from their driver’s is always more personal, just because I recognize many of the same drivers that I have had before.

    • Problem with that is tipping comes after the delivery, so until uber adds in-app tipping, I’m just going to assume the person’s one of the 90% of people who don’t tip. I’m not going to hurry, I’m not going to check to see if your order’s right, I am going to stop for a bathroom or gas break if I need to, and I’m not going to climb to the 5th floor of your apartment building with an out of order elevator. Want your food? Come down and get it -_-

  15. I do UberEats deliveries (my 1999 car is not eligible for Ubering people but it’s OK for UberEats)… anyway here’s the thing… while it’s something to do for a few hours after work if I’m bored, it’s really not good for either the driver or the customer. Why? Well, the customer suffers because they have to overpay for unprofessional service and the driver suffers because they don’t get compensated enough.

    I don’t know if it’s any better on iPhones where navigation is handled through the Uber app (I’ve heard a lot of complaints about that system) but on my Android the Uber app frequently sends incorrect information to the Google Maps app, so either it can’t navigate to the given address, or I end up in the wrong town with a street of the same name…

    Also Uber sends an “insulated bag” to UberEats drivers. Well, most orders don’t fit in that, so they just sit on the passengers seat. But, if I had to find parking at the restaurant, wait for the food, walk back to the car, driving for 15 minutes, get lost, unable to find address, etc. by the time I hand off the food, it’s not going to be hot/warm. And I’m not going to invest in the proper equipment to keep the food warm, because they don’t compensate me sufficiently. If you order from a pizza place who has their own drivers your pizza will show up faster because the drivers probably know the area, it’ll be warm, you can get parmesan and peppers, etc. You order that same pizza from UberEats and it’s going to show up cold.

    There is no incentive for UberEats drivers to care because there is no expectations of tips. Vs “real” pizza/restaurant delivery guys are used to tips and they are going to do everything they can to make you happy because a large portion of their income is dependent on tips and can make it a minimum wage job vs. something actually worth doing.

    Uber can easily fix these problems. Encourage tipping, pay their drivers better, give them the proper tools needed to ensure food shows up hot… remember, the more you pay the higher quality of people you’re going to attract and the less turnover you will have. I think that goes for any industry.

  16. Where I am at, it is curbside, which means that the customer should meet me at the curb. Customers sometimes come out, but a lot of them do not. They think we get paid a lot and by the time or something. They think we like turning off the car and turning it back on, which causes wear and tear. I always text them letting them know I am on my way and that it is curbside. A lot of then still do not get the message. The minimum we can get paid is below four dollars sadly. Yes, there are those good days, but there are those bad days. However, I still always have a smile on my face and make sure the food is snugged up in my back seat. I constantly put gas in my car, customers are not aware of that. If customers tipped us, it would make up for gas. I do get tipped at times, which makes me feel valued. Tips should really be required since some drivers do not make minimum wage per hour at times. Just like waiters, they rely on tips. They do not get paid minimum​ wage majority of the time. For the people who have never worked for UberEATS, try it and you will know what all the drivers are talking about. In fact, you would begin to treat waiters, pizza delivery people and others a whole lot better. I tip pretty well at restaurants because I know what it is like.

  17. I just had a horrible experience. I placed an order MONDAY 6/5 for a delivery at 8:30-9:00am for THURSDAY 6/8. It was a birthday surprise since I wasn’t going to be in town for my friend. I asked her to not go anywhere during that time and to not have breakfast. Well 9:52am and nothing. I had to call to find out what happened, they said the restaurants computer was broken and that it would not work for the rest of the day. So they cancelled my order and asked me to place another order or I would loose the $15 credit. At that point I didn’t care about the $15 credit. The issue was that I had my friend waiting on breakfast. SO I had no other choice but to order something right away. I ended up spending $10 more, on something I didn’t even want to order, breakfast was now at 11 and I inconvenienced her by waiting on UberEats. Not to mention my time on the phone with them. Then they offer me a $5 coupon for my next order like I want to order from them again. It sounded like a foreign call center and would not give me their names or management information. This issue has nothing to do with the drivers. So they can’t blame them, it is Uber Eats and their faulty operations. Lack of compassion because you call a call center that can do nothing for you. They are miles away, where are the managers? The operational team? Who can you speak with that isn’t in a foreign country?

  18. Hello,
    Im registered to drive with Ubereats however i haven’t done it yet. Being interested in it though i have read individual drivers and customers compliments and complaints about the service. I also work for a customer service center for about 20 years so i know something about customer service and the bottom line is this. i have continually heard people say tip, tip, tip and the problems will go away and that simply is incorrect. Ubereats has recently added a tip feature to their service and that’s great but not the answer. Truth is if a driver does not care about what he is doing his (HIS) level of service to the customer is going to suck. in addition customers seem to feel its their job to educate another person on how to do their job. This is a matter between Ubereats Management and the Customer NOT the Driver and the Customer. Ubereats management team is more than capable of handling service issues for you (the customer). Remember you (the Customer) although you may think you know are NOT familiar with how Ubereats works and the driver is in no way capable of making any changes to the Ubereats policy or procedure. Note to both the drivers and the customers: If you want to see change, Drivers take a little pride in your job and attempt to do it correctly and Customers learn self control, get rid of the self serve attitude and think about how to initiate change before going off half cocked on some driver that has no control over the system….


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