Tis The Season! Stacking Offers for the Highest Discount I’ve Ever Seen at Target

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10% off Target Gift-Card Sale: Ways to Maximize Your Savings. December 3, Get 10% off Target Gift Cards online and in-store. Stack for huge Savings.

10% off Target Gift-Card Sale: Ways to Maximize Your Savings

We learned earlier today that Target will be bringing back a popular offer to get 10% off Target Gift-Cards. This sale will be on December 3, 2017 for one day only. Target has not publicly announced the sale, so the terms are uncertain, but they’ll probably be similar to the same sale they had last year. See our earlier post for more details on the sale.

Last year the limit was $300 per guest. There were many reports of people being able to get the discount more than once in store, however online you should avoid creating multiple accounts to get it more than once.

Purchase Strategy for Max Value

10% is an excellent discount for Target Gift Cards, but we can do better. The best way to purchase these cards is with a card that earns at least 5x cashback like the DiscoverIT (earns 5% 4th Quarter). If you’re lucky enough to be in your first year of the DiscoverIT card your cashback will be doubled to 10%. That works out to a 19% discount, which is awesome! If you were looking to buy discounted Target gift cards- the lowest available discount at the moment is 2.6%.

Use, Gift or Resell?

Using Your Gift Card

10% off Target Gift-Card Sale: Ways to Maximize Your Savings

If you regularly shop Target, you can keep the cards and lock in a huge savings. The best stack I can think of is using these gift cards in conjunction with the 20% Coupon that many people received last week as part of a Black Friday promo. See here for more details. Depending on whether you choose to shop online or in-store, see below for further stacking ideas.

If you use the cards online, you can stack with cashback portals for another 5% (or so) cashback- for a savings on just about anything at Target of about 19-24%. When you consider that Target runs a lot of holiday deals and accepts manufacturer coupons in addition to store coupons- your savings could be much greater.

I searched cashbackmonitor.com for the best available cash back rate today and I found a portal offering 5% cashback as well as a coupon code for $7 off of a $70 order. You may even be able to stack this with a further promo code- careful though as it may invalidate your cashback.

10% off Target Gift-Card Sale: Ways to Maximize Your Savings

If you’re shopping in-store, don’t forget to use the Target App and look for any Cartwheel offers and manufacturers coupons.

Reselling Your Gift Card

Depending on your reselling relationships you should be able to resell your gift cards around 89-92%. So long as you use a rewards card- you lock in a profit. Obviously the greater amount of cashback on the card you use, the better the profit. While this deal certainly won’t make you a millionaire it could be a great way to help you meet a minimum spend.

Gifting the Cards

You can buy the cards in any denominations Target offers, it seems like a good idea to me to get a bunch of $25 and $50 cards to give away as holiday gifts.


This is probably the highest possible discount I’ve ever seen at Target (excluding of course merchandise specific sales). I can’t think of a reason why someone wouldn’t want to take advantage unless you had no interest in shopping at Target and no way of earning more than 1 or 2%.





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  1. Is there anyway to buy more than $300 worth online? Why wouldn’t I want to create more than one account?

    • Anyone they caught abusing the rules last year they zeroed out the gift cards without a refund. Not worth the hassle better to just go to a store.

  2. Is there a way around the $300 limit online? Why wouldn’t I try to create more than one account? Would this work?

  3. Where are you able to get 89-92% back from reselling? On raise the most you can get is 88%… Doesn’t seem like a good opportunity for resell but I guess that depends on your relationships.


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