~24% Off Sears Gift Cards + 5X & Even More Opportunities


100 sears 85 ebay

Up to 24% Off + 5X

Paypal Digital Gifts is selling $100 Sears eGift cards on eBay for $85. There is a limit of 3 gift cards per user id. 15% is a pretty good discount, but you can do better.

Make it Better:

  • Use a portal to get up to 2% more back.
  • If you have the targeted 4X eBay Bucks offer then you get 8% more for a total of 10% additional off. (You need to purchase 2 or more cards to bring your total to $100 for the 4X offer. Without the offer then you would only earn 2% in eBay Bucks.)

By stacking, your price comes down to $76.50 for $100 worth of credit X 3. This purchase should also earn 5X Ultimate Rewards if you pay with a Chase Ink since the cards are sold by Paypal Digital Gifts.

Quick Math:

  • 3 X $100 Sears eGift Cards: $255
  • 2% from a portal: -$5.10
  • 8% in eBay Bucks: -$20.40
  • Total cost: $229.50
  • Points earned w/Ink: 1,275

More Opportunities

There have been a lot of opportunities for 100% back in points on certain products along with very nice portal bonuses at Sears. Frequent Miler has a great post today about stacking a lot of these opportunities. The techniques he mentions could apply to these gift cards or ones you purchase as part of their holiday bonus. Head over to Frequent Miler to read all of the details.


Every time a deal like this comes around I pick up a few cards, especially when it coincides with an eBay Bucks promotion. These deals don’t normally last that long, so I would suggest purchasing sooner rather than later if you are interested.

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  1. Great post. Ty! Might you be able to provide directions to see if we are elgible for the 4x eBay bucks promotion?
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Shawn.

    i have bought 3 sears gift cards… can you please suggest place to sell them… is SaveYa or Cardpool? which one is of these site to trust for reselling giftcards… This is first time I am grying to sell the Giftcards.

  3. Long time read…first time poster. Do Sears and Kmart sell giftcards to other retailers/restauarants? And if so, can you buy those with these giftcard So? I see fine print says “not on prepaid or debit cards”. But prepaid and giftcards are different in my opinion. Thoughts?

    • Hey Erik. They definitely do sell other gift cards. I haven’t tried in awhile but the system has always allowed gift cards to be purchased with Sears gift cards, however it is against their policy and cashiers will normally say no. It is possible, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  4. hello, Shawn
    as a bulk seller on saveya, would you receive tax form? I’m also applying but I don’t want to be taxed.

  5. Hi Shawn, unrelated question to your post. Personally, which option do you find has more value? HHONORS Double Points or Double Miles with any of their 60+ airline partners?


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