Great Deal: Negative Cost Visa Gift Cards at Safeway, Vons & Possibly Other Stores with this Instant Rebate Coupon!


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Safeway Visa Gift Card Deal

Safeway, Vons and other grocery stores that use the Just for U loyalty program will be holding a very good Visa gift card deal for the next two weeks. Let’s take a look!

The Offer

Save $10 when you purchase $150 or more in Visa gift cards.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid 12/4/2016 – 12/17/16
  • Redeem up to 12/24/16

Loading the Offer

This offer comes in the form of a digital coupon that needs to be loaded to your account. As of now I don’t see the offer showing up, but I assume it will be there tomorrow. With the offer loaded, the $10 discount should come off automatically when you purchase $150 or more in Visa gift cards.

Update: The digital coupon is now showing online when you login to your account.


During past Visa gift card deals, all Visa gift cards including $500 variable load cards triggered this offer. The best way to maximize this deal would be to use a card that earns bonus rewards in the grocery store category. If you buy a $500 card for $505.95, then you will profit $4.05 plus the rewards on your card.  Note that some stores do not carry $500 cards while others now have them once again after a brief disappearance.


It isn’t clear if this will be a multiple use coupon or not (Update: it is one-time use only), but either way it is a great deal and a great way to get negative cost spend. While these Just for U coupons don’t come around often, it is always nice when they surface and I’ll probably pay a visit or two to my local Vons!

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  1. Someone forgot to tell the “just for u” marketing team at Safeway that they don’t stock any visa giftcards in any worthwhile denomination and they put have all kinds of silly rules in place now. Perhaps they should just get rid of that ginormous gift card rack prominently featured in the middles of all their stores.

  2. My store has the posters about this offer displayed prominently and has plenty of gift cards.
    After buying $200 worth of cards I went home and looked on the computer to see how to redeem my rebate. Found out that the offer had expired 4 days ago. Why were posters still displayed? Good-bye $10.


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