1. Hi Mark, I read the $9.99 deposit waiving criteria as any deposit as opposed to direct deposit. Correct me if wrong: “One Deposit Checking: Just one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee on a One Deposit Checking account from Citizens Bank.”

  2. I did the 5/3rd offer in Michigan (the ValPak offer) and it worked great, plus, they had an additional offer running that if you put $25k into savings instead of $20k they would pay 2% on the savings account until 1/31/20 (I opened the accounts 8/31/19).

  3. Thanks for this – I should be able to grab the Citizens Bank offer.
    For the direct deposit, what are my options. I don’t work in the states right now but have SSN and address etc to use.
    I have a US account, can I make a direct deposit from my TD Bank account to the new Citizen account?


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