$500 Personalized Visas Return w/Free Shipping Today: Is It Worth It?

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500 visa gift cards online

$500 Visa Gift Cards at

Update: Free shipping has been extended through 11/30. To get the discount use the code CYBERMONDAY.

Earlier today I was tipped off by a comment on Frequent Miler about the return of $500 Visa gift cards to You may remember that they recently lowered the maximum denomination to $250 while also increasing the fees per card. What had once been a zero cost MS method suddenly became incredibly unattractive.

After reading the comment I was able to confirm that $500 cards have indeed returned at a cost of $6.95. USPS shipping is free through today as well if you use the code BLACKFRIDAYUnfortunately they have made one huge change which impacts this deal. These cards no longer seem to be earning 1% back in G Money Rewards. This means that a $500 card does indeed cost $506.95.

Is This A Good Deal

To determine the value of these cards let’s consider a few facts:

  • These cards are pin-enabled.
  • Despite being issued by Incomm, they do work to load Bluebird/Serve at Walmart.
  • The cards come engraved with your name on them.

With the elimination of online sales from Agfed Credit Union, this is one of the last opportunities to purchase personalized $500 pin-enabled Visa gift cards. Yes, the price is high, but it isn’t out of the ballpark of being reasonable, especially if you are looking to meet minimum spend. While the free shipping promo ends today, they have been known to run similar promos very often, so it is possible this could be a reproducible price going forward.

500 visa gift cards online

G-Money Rewards Warning

Earlier today Pauline left a comment on a previous post about Visa gift cards and the rewards program. Here is what she said:

There was a free shipping code from 11/23 to 11/27 (for Thanksgiving), so we signed up for the G rewards program and bought several thousand dollars of VGC over a few days. After the transactions went through, we noticed that no G Rewards were given. We called customer service, and they opened a ticket. Then, they sent an email saying that the G Rewards program was suspended on 11/24 and no rebate would be awarded. We are still arguing with them, since the program was still being advertised on the website (and you could still sign up for it) when we purchased the cards.

After reading that I paid close attention when going through the purchase screen on their website. As of now there is no mention of earning rewards, however you can redeem existing rewards if you have them in your account. I think it is safe to say for now that no rewards will be earned and I definitely wouldn’t buy these cards with that in mind.


I know some of you will find value in these cards for meeting minimum spending requirements and for the ease and simplicity of ordering online. Keep in mind that $1,500 is the maximum you can buy with the free shipping code and that has a stringent fraud algorithm, so placing a ton of orders may get your account flagged. Happy MSing!


  1. Data point: with regards to the max $1500 limit for the free shipping, I placed an order for $2K this morning w/the free shipping code (CYBERMONDAY) and the order went through. However, the charge is still pending on my Amex Platinum, so we’ll see if they end up cancelling my order… so far, so good.

  2. This was a great way for me to use up $9.90 of existing G Rewards that I had. I bought 2 $500 VGC with my Fidelity Amex for a total of $1004.


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