The Plane that Gave Air Force One an Inferiority Complex – You Don’t Want to Miss This Ridiculous 747-8 Private Jet!


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747-8 VIP Private Jet
Boeing 747-800. Photo by redlegsfan21.

747-8 VIP Private Jet

While normal rich people just get ordinary private jets, the uber rich convert commercial airplanes into their toys in the sky. VIP private versions of popular airplanes such as the 737 and A320 are sold directly by their manufacturers Boeing and Airbus.

Of course a private 737 sound nice, but it most definitely isn’t enough of a toy to satisfy the MEGA uber rich? That is why the 747-8 VIP edition exists and one anonymous buyer just purchased such a plane. As you will soon see, it looks beyond amazing.

Business Insider has a look at the 4,786 square foot monster that includes a conference room, dining room, several lounges, an office & a stateroom. One can only imagine what the final price tag is, but something tells me the purchaser probably doesn’t care!

You can head here to view all of the photos and no I don’t really think Air Force One is like flying Spirit! 😉

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