A few days later than planned!


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As I sit here, it looks to be three weeks to the day that we are leaving. The business obligation that Jasmine had, extended itself out until April 10th so we suffered yet another delay. I was thinking today that we only have six more days of a somewhat normal life for a while. On Sunday we are moving out of our house and into my brother’s so that we may tie up all of the loose ends before we leave. We have a lot packed, but we still have a lot of work in front of us. I am really excited. We are going on ten months since we made the decision to leave and I am just plain ready. I feel Jasmine and Shawn Reece are in about the same place.

If you look on the right sidebar there is now a place to sign up for updates via email. When I post an update the site will automatically email you to let you know! We are really looking forward to getting feedback from people as we travel. I have read that the contact with people back home is so very important! We hope everyone decides to support us by leaving comments and emailing us. I have added a few photos to the photo galleries. Look for many many more on a regular basis when we start traveling. If you have any questions for us PLEASE email them via the contact us page. That is it for now. Thanks for reading and we really are looking forward to actually getting this show on the road!


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