A Lazy Island Day & Frogs Too!

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Day 346 – Monday March 31, 2008 – Koh Sukhorn, Thailand

Editor’s Note: For more photos from Koh Sukhorn take a look at our other post from this fabulous island!

It rained very hard for much of Sunday night.  In fact, upon emerging from our bungalow on Monday morning, we discovered that the once dry field across from our hotel had suddenly turned into a lake.  The water buffalos that occupy said field seemed to be happy, because they moaned and made noises all day long.  It was like a water buffalo choir!

The other strange occurrence of Monday was putting my shoe on and finding a small frog inside.  Apparently a family of frogs had decided to use our shoes as a temporary shelter and any time we put our shoes on for the next couple of days we would first have to evict a frog or three.  It became rather charming and we began looking forward to seeing the frogs.

My main goal for Monday was to read a book I have been carrying around with me the entire 11 months that we have been travelling.  The book “Left to Tell” talks about how Amacule Illibigaza spent three months locked in a tiny bathroom with seven other women during the Rwandan Holocaust in 1994.  I have been trying to read the book for some time, but never felt in the correct frame of mind.

While this isn’t really made to be a book review, in case you haven’t read this phenomenal work then go right out and buy it now.  The book doesn’t concentrate on the tragedies, but on how her faith in god continued to grow through all of the hardships.  My hardcover version, while pretty heavy, was completely worth lugging around until the right time.

Reading the entire book from cover to cover took me from 10am until around 3pm with a break for lunch sometime in the early afternoon.  While I was reading, Shawn Reece was playing with a little Thai boy that is also staying at the resort.  Jasmine spent most of the day reading and listening to her Ipod.  I think that if you go through the trouble of getting far away from civilization on a remote island, then this is the type of day you deserve!

Since the air conditioning in our bungalow didn’t turn back on until 6pm and the entire resort had no power from 2pm to 6pm, going inside wasn’t much of an option given the tropical heat.  The beach, while not perfect, made a great backdrop to a relaxing day.  Sure luxury resorts on picturesque white sandy beaches in touristy areas are great, but sometimes going to a nice but basic place like Sukhorn Beach Bungalows is just what the doctor ordered.  Oh yah and this is luxury compared to Fiji.

Tomorrow we head back to the mainland where we will push on to Krabi.  While in Krabi we plan to tour some of the surrounding islands before moving on the Phuket for some more beach time.  With the weather here being so hot, taking a dip is probably the only sane thing to do.

We want to thank everyone for the comments and emails. Your support is truly appreciated and keeps us going.

The Coomer Family


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