Get 1,000 Free AAdvantage Miles in 2 Minutes – Simple & Easy


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aadvantage 1,000 bonus

1,000 Free AAdvantage Miles in 2 Minutes

In an effort to help recently converted Dividend Miles members get acquainted with AAdvantage, American Airlines is holding a promotion where you can very easily earn 1,000 AAdvantage miles. I just did it and it took only about 2 minutes.

aadvantage 1,000 bonus
Just visit these six classrooms to cash in on this bonus.

As part of the promotion you have to watch 6 videos. Each video tells you a little about AAdvantage before requiring you to answer a simple question. After completing all six videos you will have earned 1,000 AAdvantage miles and you can also enter to win the grand prize of two first class tickets to anywhere American Airlines flies.

A Simple Hack

aadvantage 1,000 bonus
You can skip to the end of the video to make the process move along faster.

The videos you are required to watch are from YouTube. If you want, you can simply skip to the last few seconds and then answer the question at the end. (Of course beginners may want to learn what is in the videos so feel free to watch!) The questions are very easy and anyone who reads this site will most likely know the answers.

I was able to watch all 6 videos and complete the registration form in less than 2 minutes. I’ll take 1,000 miles for that amount of “work” any day.

How to Get Your Miles

aadvantage 1,000 bonus
Yay! I’m 1,000 miles closer to Bora Bora.

You can find the promotion here. Simply enter your dream destination and follow the prompts. You’ll be 1,000 miles richer in no time!

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  1. Just fyi, you don’t even have to answer the questions correctly as it still gave me the points after a wrong answer I accidentally clicked.


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