$1,060 Bonus!!! Start Investing and Invite 12 Friends

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Acorns bonus

$1,060 Bonus!!! Start Investing and Invite 12 Friends

Acorns has a great bonus available where you can make as much as $1,060 once you start investing and get your friends to invest as well. They also get a small bonus. Let’s take a look at what this app is and how the Acorns bonus works.

What is the Acorns App

Acorns is an investment app and a cashback portal in one. You can round up your daily purchases and automatically invests the ‘change’ into a diversified portfolio of ETFs. Then in has a ‘Found Money’ rewards program that works like a cashback portal, but the cash back is invested.

Acorns makes it cheaper to invest, but it’s not free. It will cost you $1 per month for accounts under $5,000, or 0.25% per year for accounts over $5,000. Individuals under 24 years of age and those attending college pay no fees.

$5 Signup Bonus

Sign up for Acorns through a referral link, and earn a $5 sign up bonus when you start investing any amount.

$1,000 Acorns Bonus Offer

Once you sign up or if you already have an account, then you can get a very generous referral bonus if you get some friends and family members to sign up.

Earn $1,000 when 12 new friends start investing with Acorns in February! That’s in addition to the normal $5 referral bonus that you receive for every person that you refer.

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Key Terms

  • Friends must sign up on or after 2/01/2018, have an account in good standing and make their first investment by 2/28/2018.
  • Bonuses are paid out by 3/15/2018.
  • Referrals who close their account before 3/15/2018, or make an investment that results in a chargeback, will not qualify for the promotion.


The app has a nice interface and makes it easy to start investing with small amounts. The best part however, is for sure the $1,000 referral bonus. If you think you can get 12 friends to sign up this month, then you can make a total of $1,060 with this Acorns bonus. That a great bonus considering that there’s no put of pocket costs for those who sign up. They actually get a $5 bonus and can even close the account in a month if they don’t like it.



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