Acorns Has a $100K Total Bonus, Refer 5 Friends to Get Your Share!

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acorns referral bonus

Acorns Has a $100K Total Bonus, Refer 5 Friends to Get Your Share!

Acorns is back again with a monthly referral bonus. They’ve offered some kind of bonus for the last 4-5 months, where you would get $500 to $1,200 if you could get 10-12 referrals within a month. This new bonus is a bit different.

What is the Acorns App

Acorns is an investment app and a cashback portal in one. You can round up your daily purchases and automatically invests the ‘change’ into a diversified portfolio of ETFs. Then in has a ‘Found Money’ rewards program that works like a cashback portal, but the cash back is invested.

Acorns makes it cheaper to invest, but it’s not free. It will cost you $1 per month for accounts under $5,000, or 0.25% per year for accounts over $5,000. Individuals under 24 years of age and those attending college pay no fees.

$5 Signup Bonus

Sign up for Acorns through a referral link, and earn a $5 sign up bonus when you start investing any amount.

Invite 5 Friends, Get A Share of $100K

Invite 5 friends to Acorns this month, and split $100,000 with everyone else who does. Friends must start investing this month. You’ll also earn our $5 referral reward, and to help the world around us grow, we plant an oak tree for each new friend.

Sign up here

Key Terms

  • Friends must sign up on or after 3/01/2018, have an account in good standing and make their first investment by 3/31/2018.
  • Bonuses are paid out by 4/15/2018.
  • Referrals who close their account before 3/15/2018, or make an investment that results in a chargeback, will not qualify for the promotion.


The app has a nice interface and makes it easy to start investing with small amounts. The best part however, is for sure the referral bonus. This time around the bonus only requires 5 referrals, instead of 10 or 12, but the bonus will also likely be less. You just get a share of the $100K total, and there’s no way to know how much that is. You still get $5 per referral even if you don’t reach the 5 referral total.


  1. So in other words if we use your link to signup we will be part of the 100k share?

    Or do we have to sign up first then find our own 5 referrals to get part of the share?


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