Flights from U.S. to Israel ~$160 & to Europe ~$200 – Find out where to find the best routes/prices!

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air canada

Air Canada Cheap Fares

Update: It seems like the deal has just died.

Right now Air Canada has some amazing prices between the U.S. and Europe/Israel. I have personally seen fares around $200 to Europe and around $160 to Israel. The Europe prices are amazing, but the Israel prices are almost insane.

Instead of dribbling on about it, here are some sites that have been covering the fares and city combinations so you can see what is available. You can search the fares on

Dan’s Deals
Secret Flying
The Flight Deal

I doubt this will last long. There is a chance these are mistake fares, so it is always a good idea to wait to see if they will honor the fares before making any nonrefundable plans.


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