Air France Will Let You Sell Your Non-Refundable Tickets


air france sell Non-Refundable Tickets

Air France Will Let You Sell Your Non-Refundable Tickets

When buying plane tickets, the first thing people look for is price. Everyone wants to save money, so the cheapest tickets are usually the best option. But those cheap tickets will often come with some restrictions such as no refunds. If you can’t make the flight, you lose the money you paid.

But Air France is doing something about that. They are giving customers the option to sell these tickets. You can get some of your money back, and other people can also save money by purchasing that empty seat.

Sell Air France Non-Refundable Tickets

Air France has launched, and initiative that serves as a marketplace for the resale of non-refundable tickets.

The platform allows those who have purchased a non-refundable ticket for a flight they can’t make to put it up for sale. If someone happens to be interested in that same flight and decides to buy it, FlexFly gives the seller a 50% “reward”. Seller also gets back taxes paid, which they would have got back anyway. Sellers will receive payment within one month of the transaction.

The remaining 50% goes to Air France and FlexFly, who then offer discounted tickets to the buyers.

Air France and its subsidiary, Joon, are the only two partners of the platform.


This new service is a win-win for everyone. If it proves successful, it could eventually be extended to other companies in the group, such as Hop or Transavia. Airlines will make some more money, seller will get something back and buyer will get a discounted ticket.

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