Airbnb Has Qantas First Class Awards at Huge Discounts!

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Airbnb Has Qantas First Class Awards at Huge Discounts!

Australian airline Qantas has released a selection of incredibly cheap first and business class tickets. You can get a discount of over 50%, but to find these deals is not that easy. They are hidden on Airbnb, advertised as accommodation listings for just $20.

Qantas hasn’t revealed exactly how many of these tickets are being released, but it says there will be “dozens of flights across the Qantas International network including London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Santiago, and more.”

The listings provide either two or four first class or business class tickets. You will pay $20 to hold the booking and then you need Qantas points to actually book. If you’re in need of points, then there’s some good news. Qantas was added as a transfer partner to the American Express Membership rewards program.

Her’s some examples of the deals you might find:

  • Two one-way first class award seats from Melbourne to Los Angeles for 50,000 Qantas points
  • Two one-way business class award seats from Sydney to London for 50,000 Qantas points

Each package would normally cost well over 100,000 Qantas points, so you’re getting a huge discount. Now the only problem is finding these listings. You should check Airbnb for $20 listings that might offer ‘unparalleled views of the clouds’. These listing will be available for one more week.


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