Amazing Video on Airplane Etiquette – These Puppets Know More than the Average Person!


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An Excellent Video About Airplane Etiquette

I trave a lot as I am sure most of you do as well. Over my years of travel, I have learned certain best practices and I always try to be considerate of others. Of course, most people don’t think that way. Some just don’t care and others are just ignorant.

From the person carrying on too much luggage, to the 4 foot tall lady in front of you who insits on reclining, I have always wanted a short video to show people about airplane etiquette. It isn’t that difficult after all.

Apparently Glove and Boots (a puppet troupe) has finally made such a video! Part comedy and part truth, I can think of many worse ways to spend five minutes! What is your favorite part? Let me know in the comments!

HT: Road Warrior Voices

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  1. That was good. I was hoping they’d do baggage claim etiquette. Like don’t smother the belt. If everyone hung back a little, everyone would be able to go right up and grab their bag much easier when it came out (in most layouts). I have no idea if this is proper etiquette, but it would make things much smoother


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