Earn Bonus Alaska Miles While Doing Your Holiday Shopping at the Mall


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Alaska's Shopping Portal Now Has In-Store Earning

Alaska’s Shopping Portal Now Has In-Store Earning

Alaska recently added the ability to earn valuable Alaska miles while doing your shopping in store.  They have added this option to pair up with the bonus points you get for shopping online.  It is currently available at 24 stores.

Ebates has offered in-store bonuses for some time now.  And it makes sense for this to be added to the airline portals since Ebates owns most of them. There is a good chance this gets added to the Southwest and Delta etc. portal in the near future if it is a success.

How it Works

The setup works just like the Ebates in store shopping if you have used that before.  If there is a store on the list that you like to shop at you link that store to your card of choice.  Currently they are only allowing Visa and American Express cards to be linked.

Once your credit card is linked you go to the store and make your purchase.  The portal tracks it and adds the points earned to your account.  You have to reload the offer after each use, which is a little bit annoying. But, they say multiple shopping trips within a 12-24 hour window will count, check the offer for details. They only allow one card to be loaded per store at a time.  This limits what you can do with the offer.


The new in-store portal options are somewhat limited and there doesn’t appear to be much of a increased spend opportunity, save one. Some of the more notable stores offered are:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond – 1.5 miles/$
  • buybuy Baby – 1.5 miles/$
  • Express – 2 miles/$
  • Macy’s – 2 miles/$
  • Under Armour – 3.5 miles/$
  • American Eagle – 2 miles/$

The one with potential is Bed Bath & Beyond since they sell 3rd party gift cards and even some Visa gift cards.  You can even stack the in-store earning with the new Bed Bath & Beyond Amex offer.  The terms say gift cards will not earn points but they have in the past with the Ebates portal so it should work.

I checked a few of these versus the online offer and some had higher for in-store vs the online offer.  Something to consider.


I know that Alaska miles are a favorite among many in this hobby so this is a nice addition.  The potential is hindered by the one card per store and the one use per load limits.  The stores offered are not the most enticing either.  Hopefully Alaska adds some stores with some potential in the near future!


What do you think of this offer?  Will you be taking advantage of the in-store portal bonuses?


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