How I Got My Wife’s Amazon Account Targeted for the $50 Off Promo

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How I Got My Wife’s Amazon Account Targeted for the $50 Off Promo

One of the best promotions out there is the Amazon $50 off a $250 promo when using 1 Membership Rewards point.  My account was targeted but my wife’s was not so I tried a trick that has worked for me in the past.  And after a few days her account was now targeted!  Easy $$$$ 🙌.

How Did I Do It?

I went into her Amazon account and removed all of her Membership Rewards (MR) earning cards.  I then re-added the MR earning card I wanted to use on her account immediately after removing it.  Then I re-linked the Amazon and Membership Rewards points accounts for the card.  In the past doing this has made her account get targeted a day or two later.

Promo Page

The next morning I eagerly logged into her account to give it a test, but no dice.  I gave it a few more days and then tried again on Saturday, a full 3 days after removing and adding her card back.  Score!  She was now targeted and I was able to get another $50 off, $100 in total between our two accounts.  Money…in…the…bank.

Final Thoughts

If any of your Amazon accounts were not targeted then give it a try, in a few days you may be $50 richer!  If you were already batting 1.000 then give one of these other Amazon deals & freebies a try.


  1. This tip worked for me! I had $150 in items I really needed/wanted and figured out a two gift cards for the remaining $100.

  2. Hi Mark, thanks for the tip. I relinked my Amex ED card and after a couple of days I tried the promo link and it worked. I just bought a pair of New Balance running shoes and an AirBnB gift card with $50 off $250 total!!!

  3. I used the link clicked the offer and says my Promo was applied but its only giving me a Max of $30 off “AMEX Promotion” when I use $.01 points. Is this a different promotion maybe I should use the $30 then try the trick to unlink & relink my cards?
    I also recall trying to install the Amazon Assistant on my computer but that Promo never worked, maybe the $30 off is kicking in from that?


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