$8.99 Amazon Echo Dot Deal Still Alive & How To Turn It Into Instant Profit

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$8.99 Amazon Echo Dot Deal Still Alive & How To Turn It Into Instant Profit

Earlier in the week I shared an awesome deal with you where you can get an Echo Dot and a month of Amazon Music for $8.99.  That deal is still alive and kicking.  Some of you may be thinking but I don’t really need another Alexa in my house.  I have one in every room pretty much but did it anyway and plan on holding onto it as a gift this holiday season.  But there is another deal where you can turn this purchase into instant profit. Just remember to cancel Amazon Music after the month is up.

Link to Echo Dot Deal

Get A $20 Best Buy Gift Card

Best Buy has an offer where you can turn that Echo Dot into a $20 Best Buy gift card.  You can then use that to purchase something you need from Best Buy.  That is getting a gift card 55% off.

What if you prefer cash instead?  CardCash is buying Best Buy gift cards at 87%.  That would give you $17.40 in cash.  Anyone who sells gift cards on a regular basis should be able to beat that sale price though.  Even so that is essentially doubling your money.

Link to Best Buy Offer

Final Thoughts

You could also try reselling it on eBay or Craigslist etc. but I don’t think the prices are all that great.  As I said above I think this is a great gift that I plan to hold onto.  It is perfect for those blind gift things at work where you can’t spend more than $15 etc.

However if you wanted a quick win or needed something from Best Buy anyway this is a way to get it a little bit cheaper.

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  1. Hey Mark, Are you seeing any delay in the SoFi referrals actually hitting your available balance. I see lots of them posting but only two so far have hit my account balance? What’s the average time frame.


    Rick I

    • I think it takes around 5 business days for the money to actually clear and be deposited.

      Great to see you last weekend! I look forward to the next time.


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