(Expire Tomorrow) PSA – Amazon No Rush Reward Credits Expire


Amazon No Rush Reward Credits Expire

PSA – Amazon No Rush Reward Credits Expire

There is a round of credits set to expire November 9, 2019 so be sure to use them before then.  Or you can try the trick that DansDeals has talked about and try to get them turned into regular Amazon credit.

You can check your balance and expiration dates HERE.

I love Amazon’s no rush shipping feature.  I ship almost everything that way for the extra freebies I get.  Usually the item ships in a day or two anyway and I don’t really wait any longer for it.  I usually collect the $1 digital media credit per order.  I may even order items separately on purpose to stack up these credits but don’t tell anyone ;).  There have been some other amazing offers in the past as well, like the $5 printed book credit.  Well it turns out these no rush shipping overs come with an expiration date.

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My Experience

The offer I get most often is the $1 digital credit offer.  I store these up and then purchase a movie for an upcoming trip or something new for the kids to watch.  For the first time I noticed that these balances expire.  I don’t think there is a way to get the expiration when you earn them (if there is let me know in the comments section).  But when I checked my recent balance this is what I saw.

Amazon No Rush Reward Credits ExpireI would guess that you get 4-5 months before they expire based on the March 1 expiration date on recent earnings.  So you have some time to build them up but don’t wait too long to use them.

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Maybe this is something everyone already knew and I was just in the dark on it?  I thought it was worth letting you guys know in case you were like me and were oblivious to it.

I am not sure how many credits I have let expire since they don’t give you any type of notice unless you check your balances.  Just as with miles and points you gotta earn them and burn them.

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  1. Might be useful to actually include the link to check current balances: https://www.amazon.com/norushcredits

    Also: in the email when you get issued the promo credit it indicates the expiration (though I never remember to actually check and calendar a reminder when they periodically update them to a new date).

  2. Those rewards are Amazon’s way to psychologically blackmail you into using things you may normally not use.
    And most of them act as discounts, never completely free.

    • That could be true :). I am also buying movies or renting videos so they work well for me. Most stuff I order I don’t need within 2 days anyways. The other offers – like $5 off Prime Pantry etc. don’t entice me at all though.

    • I disagree with the never completely free statement. I use my digital credits to rent movies from Amazon Video. The credits completely cover my rental charge. And, I used the $5 book credit to buy a children’s book that was $4.99 (I put that away to add to a baby shower gift). But I do agree that the Prime Pantry ones are not credits that I use for the most part, so I just let them expire without a problem. No psychological blackmail going on here!

  3. These credits don’t work for in app purchases, and I don’t listen to that much music that I have to buy.

    When you earn them, There is a screen that tells you when they are going to expire.

    I haven’t figured out what to buy with them. These credits don’t work for in app purchases, and I don’t listen to that much music that I have to buy.


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