Amazon Pre-Prime Day Deals: Fire TV Sticks & Fire Tablets on Sale!

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Amazon Pre-Prime Day Deals: Fire TV Sticks & Fire Tablets on Sale!

There are two deals happening an Amazon as the deal of the day or pre-Prime Day deals.  Amazon is offering rock bottom prices on their Fire TV Sticks and pretty low prices on the Fire Tablet 7s as well. Let’s take a look at the deals. The following links contain our affiliate links, thanks in advance if you decide to use them.

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Fire TV Sticks

Both of Amazon’s Fire TV sticks are on sale right now.  The options are as follows:

These are both pretty good prices and are as low as I can remember them being for either item.  This deal appears to only be available to Prime members.  If you are not a Prime Member you can get a 30 day trial which would make you eligible. Hat Tip DoC

Fire Tablet 7s (16 GB)

There is also a deal on the Fire Tablet 7s.  While it is not as good as the dirt cheap sales they have had in the past you can snag these for $25 a piece.  The prices are currently dropped to $29.99 a piece but if you purchase 2 you get another $10 off.  That brings the price down to $24.99 each. That makes these a possible reselling option for some. It also looks like they have updated the color options:

Final Thoughts

The Fire TV Sticks are about as good as it gets pricing wise.  So if you had your eye on one or wanted to make an older TV internet capable for Netflix watching etc. now is your chance.  They may be a reselling option as well but I have never dealt with them so I can’t say for sure.

The Fire Tablets have been cheaper in the past with Membership Rewards offers but I haven’t seen one of those sales in a while.  I am not sure if they will have another one or not.  $24.99 each is a pretty good deal but not amazing.  If you paired them with some discounted gift cards you have or the 20% off Amazon deal etc. the deal gets a little better.  If you sell these locally you should be able to get $30-$40 for them so that is an option as well.





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