Amazon Sample Boxes – Free Samples & My Experience

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Amazon Sample Boxes

Amazon Sample Boxes – Free Samples & My Experience

Amazon has sample boxes that they offer up on a regular basis. I thought it would be worth reviewing the program and give my experience with these.

Samples Boxes

The way these sample boxes work is you purchase the box for a set amount and once it ships you get a credit added to your account for that amount.  The catch is you need to spend the credit on something that falls into that box’s category.

So it is best to make sure you see something you would want to buy from the category before buying the sample box in order to ensure you can use the credit.

Here are the different sample boxes and costs (links contain our affiliate links):

Link to the landing page for all Sample Boxes

My Experience

I am not going to lie I do enjoy these, well the food ones at least.  In the past I have purchased the snack boxes and I ordered 3 boxes this time around.  I settled on the snack box, Gatorade sports fuel box, and the nutrition & wellness box.

The credits were added to my account as soon as I received the shipped emails.  It says the boxes will ship in 5-7 days but I received mine within 2 days.

When I went to purchase I picked the Gatorade chocolate chip protein bars as an item to use my credit on and it actually triggered the Gatorade and nutrition & wellness box credit at the same time…score!

I was able to use a discounted Amazon gift card to get me an even better deal.  Then when I ordered the items with my credits I picked no rush shipping for another bonus, hopefully you get Amazon’s awesome new no rush offer to come up.


I enjoy these sample boxes because it let’s you test out a whole bunch of stuff you probably wouldn’t normally buy at a steep discount, if not free.  The credits are stack-able if you find an item that is in both categories like I did.

Have you ever purchased one of these?  What did you think?


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  1. Come on, what are you thinking eating something called Gatorade chocolate chip protein bars? Even the name is disguising.

  2. I just received my snack box today (ordered Monday). Now have to figure out what I want to order . I agree, I get to try things I would never have thought of buying.


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