In An Age of Constant Devaluations, One Company Has Decided to Voluntarily Increase Your Benefits


American Express Enhances Benefits 

American Express Enhances Benefits

Could it be that some Credit Card companies are actually enhancing benefits in this period of constant devaluations? Today, Travel with Grant reported that Amex is actually enhancing a few of their shopping protection benefits including the extended warranty and purchase protection benefits. In addition to a few other changes. Check out our Complete Amex Platinum Benefits Guide. Recently, Chase, Discover, Barclay’s and Citi have made changes to some of their most popular cards that definitely hurt consumers.

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The extended warranty will now be extended up to two additional years depending on the original manufacturer warranty. Currently, the maximum extended warranty is 1 year. Effective, August 1, if the original warranty is for 2-5 years, Amex will extend it another 2 years. Also effective August 1st, Purchase protection is going from 90 days to 120.

Additionally, there is another positive change being made to the way you can redeem your rewards on the Amex Blue Cash Cards. Currently, you would only redeem for cash back or a statement credit in increments of $25. Now, you will be able to redeem any amount over $25. This is a very positive change.

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As many of you know, Amex is my favorite card issuer despite some of their program rules and limitations. Seeing as how other companies seem to be busy devaluing your benefits, it’s really nice to see that AMEX is willfully increasing protections and benefits without increasing their annual fee. It would be amazing if they increase their travel protection benefits and brought them up to par with some of the others, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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