American Express Is Fixing Their Broken Uber Credit Perk, Kind Of

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American Express Is Fixing Their Broken Uber Credit Perk

It is no secret that American Express loves themselves some breakage. Breakage is a term used to describe revenue gained by providers via unused gift cards or other prepaid services that are never claimed. You see it with their airline incidental credit set up and it is why their Uber credit is broken down over 12 months versus one lump sum.  Uber also made it more difficult to use a year or two ago, where you had to manually select credits and purchase a gift card for the difference too.  It looks like American Express is fixing their broken Uber credit perk, kind of.

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Details of the Change

I received an email for change and it stated:

Starting in September, your Uber Cash will be set to automatically apply your benefit to your next ride so that you can easily take advantage of your benefit every month.

This isn’t as good as getting a lump sum amount each year but it is a better set up than they had before.  At least now you don’t have to remember to select the credit, even though there was a workaround if you forgot.  This is the way it should have always been though!

Final Thoughts

This is a good move for American Express and Uber.  It is a more customer friendly set up and the way it should have always been.  For some reason UberEats still auto applied the credit but not regular Uber, I am not sure why.  UberEats is a lifesaver at the end of the month if your $15 credit is about to expire.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this change is because they are tired of sending out checks to people for Uber credits being mishandled.


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