Make Another $9 Per Amex Card on Ticketmaster with Amex Express Checkout $$$

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amex express checkout ticketmaster

$9 Profit Per Amex Card on Ticketmaster

Update: It seems like the $1 donations options are new dead.

Wow the Amex deals keep rolling. Last week American Express launched their new payment service called Amex Express Checkout with an offer of a $10 credit at select merchants for using the service to pay.

Yesterday I broke the news that this offer applies to each and every American Express issued card (including authorized user cards). You can find the original list of merchants here, but most aren’t really useful. The one that most people were able to take advantage of was Newegg. (More info on that here.)

Since this $10 credit is once per merchant, people have been scouring the other sites trying to find lower dollar value things to purchase. Someone over at Dan’s Deals sort of hit the jackpot. They found a $1 donation option on Ticketmaster for White Sox Charities.

Make $9 Per Card

amex express checkout ticketmaster

By donating $1 to White Sox Charities, you should effectively make a $9 profit. You can of course decide to donate more if you would like, but we will leave that up to you.

To get the credit, click this link the original link died but here is a new one for a different charity  dead too), add the $1 donation option and checkout with Amex Express Checkout. According to the terms of the promo, the credit should post within a few weeks, although it has been posting within a few days.


This should mean another nice chunk of change for a lot of you. For some reason I don’t expect this option will stick around at $1, but hopefully it will. (Maybe I am just paranoid.) Either way, I will be making my donations as soon as possible this morning and I would recommend everyone else do the same!

HT: Oren’s Money Saver

HT: Doctor of Credit for the 2nd charity link

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  1. So you can earn $10 credit per card, per merchant? I was understanding it to be at any of the merchants, earn a $10 credit per card…meaning if you used it for NewEgg, you wouldn’t get the credit by shopping at Ticketmaster, WSJ, etc?

      • Hmm, I do see similar questions on SD, FT, and other blogs on whether the same card has yet received credits for more than one retailer. No confirms yet that I saw. Anything that you saw, Shawn?

        Getting a bit concerned since I hit up a couple of merchants with multiple cards so far, and I think I’m going to wait for confirmation on multiple retailers’ credits before doing any more.

        • Ditto. The Amex credits have posted for the charge to the primary card but not yet for the charges to the AU cards, which have separate logins. Maybe it will show up on Monday, since nothing seems to post on weekends. Hope to see answer soon.

          • @ATM Actually, I’m referring to whether ONE card has gotten multiple credits as a result of buying once each from NewEgg and Ticketmaster, for example.

            Not whether a primary and then an AU card have both gotten one credit each as a result of buying once each from NewEgg, for example. Although that is a different question which would also be good to know.

  2. I am getting this:

    There are problems with your submission
    •Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase with Amex Express Checkout right now. Please choose another way to pay.

    I used another account and it went through…any thoughts on why?

  3. Still the same error even in incognito. 🙁
    Perhaps many would have attacked the site after your post. I will try again later in the wee hours.

  4. Newegg is now cancelling multiple orders of the same item by the same customer. You will receive the cancelled item email a few minutes after your purchase is made and confirmed. So, to save time, choose a different item for each AMEX card. Also, check your total purchase amount carefully. In each transaction I chose free shipping. But the system changed it, making a $1 charge closer to $6 with the faster shipping option. Lucky I caught it each time and changed it back to free shipping with the price immediate,y lowered.

    The Ticketmaster $1 donation still works for multiple AMEX purchases.

  5. @Shawn –

    On the new link, I am getting “! Oops! Please select the country that matches the billing address in your VISA Checkout wallet.”
    Of course, I am using AmEx Checkout, and selected e-delivery.
    I’ll send you a screenshot

    • I actually had that happen to me earlier. I just moved on to other cards and came back about 10 minutes later and it went through. Happened on two cards and waiting worked both times.

  6. All of my $10 statement credits have posted. Hurray! A whole bunch just showed up this afternoon, unexpectedly since it’s a Sunday. Honestly, I was unaware of Miles to Memories just a few months ago. But now it is one of the very first blogs I read every day. Your diligent work is much appreciated.


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