Amex Offers Available Via Messenger While Amex Offers Via Twitter and Facebook is Dead

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Amex Kills Offers Via Twitter and Facebook

Amex Kills Offers Via Twitter and Facebook

Earlier this week I logged onto the American Express site to add a new card to my twitter account. I was unable to find it on the site so I did a google search and received a “file not found” message. I then went to the Amex Offers Twitter page and noticed there hadn’t been any new activity, same with Facebook. Yesterday, several blogs announced that the ability to load offers via Twitter and Facebook was in fact, DEAD.

This really stinks, it was such an awesome feature. Twitter load was the best way to add offers to multiple cards automatically. It was also a way to get an offer added to your card that your specific account hadn’t been targeted for. Not to mention all the time us bloggers have spent writing about it and teaching you all the tips and tricks. Like this one for example, or this one. You get the point.

Facebook Messenger- A Viable Alternative? Nope

Amex Kills Offers Via Twitter and Facebook

I then went back to the site and noticed a new feature, Amex Offers for Facebook Messenger. Could it be? Was there still hope? I anxiously signed up with my card account and clicked on the offers link. Two words: Womp Womp. This is one of the worst ideas Amex has had in a while. First, it only shows the offers that are already available on your account. Second, the interface is so awful, I had to click for more offers 8 times just to see all the available offers. Not to mention, the graphics are all messed up and the pictures of the offers were blurry. I’d describe the whole system as clunky.


Amex Offers via Twitter load will definitely be missed by many. It was incredible efficient and a great platform to utilize one of my favorite Amex features. Hopefully they come up with a better way to utilize social media for offers in the future because I don’t think the messenger feature will be around too long.


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  1. “Not to mention all the time us bloggers have spent writing about it and teaching you all the tips and tricks. Like this one for example, or this one. You get the point.”

    Yeah. Bloggers killed another good thing. That’s the point.

    Sometimes, NOT bleating wildly about something everywhere would be a good thing.

    • I hear your point, but this has been a very widely discussed topic, and we would be doing our readers a disservice to not cover things that everyone else was covering. When something becomes mainstream and is featured on sites like the points guy or million mile secrets, it would be wrong for us not to cover it.

  2. I’d give this is a bit of time. The whole AI / Facebook Messenger engagement with customers is fairly nascent. AMEX will receive appropriate feedback and implement changes accordingly. There was likely a bit of “gaming” that happened with Twitter and Facebook linking that AMEX picked up on. As a best practice, I regularly log on to AMEX, at least once a week, to check my balances and look for offers anyway.


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