Hottest Amex Offer Ever? $75 back on $250 or more at Staples, Home Depot & More! (Use 5X!)


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Amazing New Amex Offer

Ok I am sort of reporting this offer with a little sadness since I wasn’t targeted, but it seems some lucky people on Fatwallet are finding a pretty amazing Amex Offer in their business accounts. This offer gives a $75 statement credit on a $250 or more purchase at select merchants.

The Offer

Spend $250 or more at BevMo, Gordon Food Service, The Home Depot, Jetro/Restaurant Depot, Staples, or Total Wine & More and receive a $75 statement credit.

  • Offer can be used 5 times!
  • Expires 8/14/15

Key Terms

Details Get a $75 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to make a single purchase of $250+ in-store at BevMo, Gordon Food Service, The Home Depot, Jetro/Restaurant Depot, Staples, or Total Wine & More by 8/14/2015. Limit 5 statement credits. See terms. Terms Valid in-store only. Excludes phone orders. Valid at any participating location in the US. Enrollment limited. Offer is non-transferable. Only U.S.-issued American Express® Cards are eligible for this offer. Limit 5 statement credits per American Express online account.


So you can pretty much see why this offer is amazing. This is a pretty good way to make a few hundred bucks on each card you are targeted. Of course, this offer seems to be highly targeted, so most people will probably only get it once if at all.

I would probably purchase $200 Visa gift cards at either Home Depot or Staples. Let’s say you purchase 2 x $200 gift cards for $206.95 each. You could also do a $200 and a $100 for a dollar less. Anyway, the math works out like this:

  • 2 x $200 cards: $413.90
  • Statement credit: -$75
  • Total Cost: $338.90
  • Profit: $61.10

Repeat 5 times and you have earned 2,070 points plus a total profit of $305.50. I’m sure there are other ways to maximize this even more, so feel free to point them out if I’m missing something. Of course since this is good at Staples, you could always combine it with their frequent gift card deals like the upcoming Visa deal.


I still contend that the Smart & Final Amex Offer was the best ever simply because it was widely available. If this one was out in the open, then it would be a contender, but my guess is that only a select few (lucky) people will be targeted. Hopefully those people take advantage of it for the rest of us!

Were you targeted? Let me know in the comments.

HT: FatWallet & PDX Deals Guy

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  1. Those who got it are soooooo lucky! If you count the $20 rebate offers from Staples, it’s even better.

    Well, I just got my first business card (Amex SimplyCash) yesterday. So it’s probably very normal that I’m not targeted.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Got it for SPG Biz, but not Amex Biz (which I only recently received as part of 150K sign up). Good excuse to stock up on liquor now.

  3. Got it on SPG Biz only. Have 8 business cards, between wife and I and AUs. Only on one SPG, but still incredible.

  4. I looked at my accounts before lunch and swear that it wasn’t there on any of them. Although, admittedly, I may have looked too quick. Anyway, it was there on 2 of my 8 Biz cards (including AUs) after lunch. I feel like I hit the jackpot. Both are SimplyCash cards. (It appears that SimplyCash and SPG Biz cards are the big winners.) Anyway, it might be worth checking back to see if your offer gets loaded later. Unlikely, but worth it on the off chance.

  5. Signed in on 2 separate iPads and my phone. It was listed on 2 of my 3 biz cards when looking at full site on iPads. Found the offer on my iPhone which lets you choose which card to add it to. Clicked all 3 simultaneously – Voila! I have the offer in Delta Biz, AX Gold Biz & SPG Biz. Also got it on my wife’s Gold Biz. I’ll be using the offer 5 x 4 cards – 20 times!


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