Amex Offers Money Maker – $15 Off $100 Purchase


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Amex Offers

A Great New Amex Offer

Great Offers For Costco & Amazon

This past week has brought several fantastic deals from Amex Offers. (Formerly Amex Sync.) First there was a targeted offer for $25 off $25 at Costco and then there were $10 off of $10 and $20 off of $20 offers for Unfortunately I was not targeted for either of the Amazon offers or the Costco offer, but today a new offer was added which has me excited. Amex is giving a $15 credit on purchases of $100 or more at $15 Off of $100

My American Express Account Summary This new Staples offer is exciting for me, because sells Visa gift cards which can be loaded to Bluebird/Serve at Walmart. You may remember a few months ago that the miles & points world blew up when they started selling $200 Visa gift cards online. (Previously it had only been $100). You can purchase these cards now and take advantage of this offer.

Terms & Conditions

My American Express Account Summary2 The terms and conditions say that the purchase of e-gift cards that are delivered to an email address are excluded. Fortunately, the terms make no mention of physical gift cards, so it shouldn’t be a problem to get the credit for purchasing them.

The Math

These $200 cards come with a $6.95 fee.  This means that you could potentially make $8.05 for purchasing them plus any points that you earn for the purchase. Cost: $206.95 Credit $-15 Total Cost: $191.95 Total Profit: $8.05

Do You Have It

This new deal seems to be more widely targeted then the others that I mentioned. I personally received this on 8 out of our 10 American Express cards including a few authorized user cards. The only two cards that didn’t receive the offer were business cards. You can check for all three of the offers mentioned by logging into your American Express account. If you are new to Amex Offers or are wondering how to see if you have been targeted and how to add the offers to your account, I wrote a beginner’s guide a couple of months ago that will be helpful.


This newest Amex Offer is fantastic in my opinion. Since it is good at and not in their stores, you could earn points/money without even having to leave your house.  These cards are also very easy to liquidate which makes this deal even better. What do you think? Were you targeted? How many of your cards received the offer? Let me know in the comments!

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