Is the 100K Amex Platinum Deal Dead? What About the Biz Gold?


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amex platinum 100k dead

Amex Platinum 100K Dead?

Yesterday I brought you the news of a 100K bonus on the Amex Platinum card and a 75K bonus on the Amex Business Gold Rewards card. While getting the Platinum 100K offer to show up often required a little persistence, most people were able to get it to show eventually. I know a lot of you were successfully able to apply. Congrats!

Not Showing Today?

This morning I have had heard from a few people who are unable to get the Platinum 100K offer to load no matter what they do. While I was able to replicate the deal several times yesterday without issue, this morning I can only get the 40K offer to show. I have tried several different IPs, different devices and browsers and even tools that pull screenshots from different devices. Everything comes back at 40K.

amex platinum 100k dead
All of these are for 40K

What About the Business Gold?

I was one of the few people who wasn’t able to get the Business Gold offer to show even yesterday. I have run many of the same tools this morning to check and am not able to get the 75K offer to show either. That doesn’t mean it isn’t available, but my guess is it too is pulled.

Please Share Your Data Points

I would hate for any of you to waste your time for a dead deal. Hopefully you guys can share your data points so we can figure out if this is still alive or not. Are you able to get either offer to show? If so, what time were you successful and with what browser/device. I sincerely hope that Amex simply tightened their targeting, however I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled the offer after the crazy response. From this site alone, there were about 15,000 clicks on the links! Wow!

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  1. I called @ 12:30am EST and after speaking with a few representatives, I was approved for the Platinum 100K. Online offer no longer shows up for me…

  2. Showed up in 7 tries around 6 PM yesterday but couldn’t apply for some personal reasons (2 yr old switched off my laptop and wanted me to cuddle her to sleep). Been trying from 10:30 pm yesterday and even today, but didn’t show up so far.

  3. Yesterday I couldn’t get FM’s link to the BRG 75k offer to show anything higher than 25k, but I googled it and found a working 75k offer. Applied and got pending.

  4. Best I can get while “In Private” on the Gold card is 50k and 40k on the Platinum.

    I can get the 75k offer on the Business Gold card if I login to AmEx, I can even get a 75k offer on the Business Platinum. But at $10k & $15k Minimum Spend respectively, I’m not sure if I can make that in 3 months. And even if I can, is it worth it? (I do plan to visit Europe next summer so the MR points might come in handy for a transfer I guess.)

  5. I called Amex (800)243-3888 around 9:30am CST today. The rep found the 100K platinum offer right away, we went through the application process on the phone, and I was instantly approved.

  6. I called in twice, about 7AM PST and 8AM PST after no luck with various browsers. Neither rep could find the offer and both said it was targeted and I needed a code.

  7. I was able to get it show for me yesterday and was approved! I had been waiting to apply for the Platinum until I could get a 100K offer. I used a private window in Firefox, and was also able to get it to show up on Puffin in a private window on my iPhone.

    I have been unable to get it to show up today with those 2 methods.

    • called up today about 12 PM EST, and was told I needed a code that shows up in browser. Called back 5 minutes later, rep put me on hold for a minute, then came back saying he found the offer for the plat. card. 20 minutes later was instantly approved over phone.
      HUCA at its best.

  8. Tried the website numerous time this morning (8/27) and was not able to get the 100K offer to show up. I called Amex (11AM PST) and was on hold for 20min before I got a CS. Told the CS I want to apply for the 100K Plat. She started the process. Didn’t even ask me for an offer code. Got instant approve.

  9. Happy to report at 11:30amPST that the offer is still alive via telephone. I tried getting incognito windows up but couldn’t replicate and I figure maybe I would have some luck since I did get the offer to show yesterday when I was contemplating.

    Went ahead and instantly approved after a relatively short process. Now I know that Amex combine pulls if done in the same day, so I’m thinking of either getting one of the Cashback cards or Starwoods to get ready for Small Business Saturday 🙂

  10. Deal alive as of 2pm CST. I called the number someone quoted above and spoke with one of the happiest reps I have ever come across. Initially she asked about a code, but when I said that I had read that reps could bring up the code themselves, she put me on hold for a few minutes, came back, and indeed had found the needed code. It took about a half hour to go through application on the phone because they had to read everything to you and get your okay before running the credit pull, so be prepared for that before you even know if you’re approved.

  11. Almost wished I pulled the trigger for the 150k offer when it was offered.

    Learning a lot through the AOR. I’m gunning for the cards that don’t have AF or first year waived mostly because $450 is a lot up front and if you’re doing multiple apps, gotta make sure there’s enough to pay the piper.

  12. Is this considered a “separate product” than the premier rewards gold? Can I get the bonus on the plat if I have the PRG in my wallet?

    • You are eligible for the welcome bonus offer if you’ve never had the specific product before. So if you have PRG but never platinum, you qualify for the platinum welcome bonus offer. The welcome bonus offers are specific to the card type.

  13. I got through to the Platinum 100K offer with Firefox incognito after 4 tries 8/26 at around 10:00 PM Eastern . Instant approval.

    Tried IE, Chrome and Firefox many, many, many times again this morning, only to get 40K offers…. because Hubby asked if I got him one too. We’ll leave his app for the next crazy, amazing promo.

  14. I was able to call in now also and get the offer for the 100K. I had to hang up once, but the second agent didn’t even ask for the POID.

  15. I got an Ameriprise Platinum card earlier this year, and still have that. Do you think regular platinum is considered a separate product?

  16. Called about 3pm central and finally got a rep who was willing to offer the 100k. Was still able to find the 75k offer online. Applied and approved for both.

  17. I could never get the online offer to work no matter what, but called in after 7pm ET after work and was successful. This was my 4th app in 3 weeks so I was nervous about too many recent inquiries. ..maybe at this point it is only available by calling?

  18. Phoning in has failed me 4 times. Not worth the time anymore. 2 of the 4 CSRs commented on how many people were calling in asking about a big plat bonus.

    Started calling at 10:30pm EST. No offer after 4 calls.

  19. For the data point bank:

    Morning on the 28th….Who the hell has the patience to listen to this damned hold music for hours? I’ve tried a couple different phone numbers and the only time I got a human, they transferred me to a different number and then I wait. Last night an hour and a half was the longest I could stand waiting before going to sleep. Still getting the same thing this morning with the initial message being they “are experiencing higher than normal call volumes”.

    By the way, the number I was told to call by the human I got on the phone is 877-621-2639. If anyone has a better number for the Platinum offer, please let me know in comments?

    Does anyone know a better number to call that has actually worked for them to get through to someone? I suspect the offer is still secretly ok in the system but getting to a human seems to be difficult at best.

    I gave up on the computer thing after over 500 tires.

  20. Now on my fourth phone rep try. Thank goodness for speakerphone while I work!
    Browser incognito and F5 over 250 times(while on phone:) and still no go.
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. need the MR’s and Centurion lounge………………
    Will advise if any success.

  21. Offer DEAD. Rep confirmed that manager had advised all CSRs that customer must have POID to apply. I got it yesterday and was hoping wifey would get in. Wish I could have just done phone app for her as well!

    • Dang…. It took me 2 days almost to get through and did talk to a guy and applied, etc, but I am in “Pend status” and am not yet approved. Checked the application status a bit ago and after 2 more days am still pending. Keeping fingers crossed here. I think they got very overwhelmed. Hoping I have not applied for too many Amexes in the recent past, I could sure enjoy those points!


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