This Easy Mistake Could Cost You Referral Points


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Amex Referral Bonus Instructions

Amex Referral Bonus Instructions

We’re all loving the new Amex referral system but make sure you don’t sacrifice your referral points by sending it to your friends the wrong way. There was some talk in our facebook group that you cannot copy the link and email it, if you refer through email make sure you click email and input the required info. If you do it correctly, you’ll get this screen.

Amex Referral Bonus Instructions

Amex Referral Terms

Here’s exactly what Amex says in it’s own terms and conditions:

Referring By Email

  • If you want to send the Card Offer to your friends by email, you must only use the email tool we provide. Emailing your friends the Card Offer outside of the provided email tool is prohibited and will make you ineligible for the Referral Bonus.

Please note, when using the email tool we provide:

  • unlike other offer sharing channels, we will be the sender of the emailed invitations to your friend,
  • we may disclose your name, email address and status as an American Express Card Member, and the fact that you will receive a bonus if they take advantage of the offer, in the emails we send to the individuals you refer, and
  • some of the individuals you refer may not receive a referral e-mail if they have previously “opted out” of receiving e-mail marketing communications from American Express.


Make sure you let your friends know and if you already think you may have messed up, it can’t hurt to give the a call to see if the referral is associated with your account.

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  1. How is Amex supposed to know that you emailed the referral link to your friend? Even if they say you are ineligible, I don’t see how the hell they would know that you emailed it.

    • Jed if you wanna give it a try and let us know how it goes that would be much appreciated! Probably best for people not to risk it though.

  2. What is the difference between emailing your friend the link and texting your friend the link? I don’t think AMEX can tell the difference.

  3. Eh, sounds like they’re trying to CYA over email spam, opt-out, and marketing or otherwise wanting to be able to control the flow of information / collect data on referrals / potential clients. If someone clicks the email it might leak referrer info, but most browsers/email providers complicate that a bit.


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