Amex Launches Reservation Booking Tool In Mobile App

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Amex Launches Reservation Booking Tool In Mobile App

American Express is introducing a new reservation booking tool in the American Express Mobile App. The new feature will allow Platinum Card and Centurion Members to search, book, and manage reservations from more than 10,000 restaurants (and growing) worldwide from the Amex Mobile App. This is a new trend with credit card issuers that are trying to add more perks to their cards.

Dining is the number one request through the Platinum Concierge and a top spending category for Card Members. So it makes sense to add this feature for premium cardholders.

Through the Global Dining Collection, Platinum and Centurion Card Members get access to exclusive tables at hundreds of restaurants across the globe such as Cote (New York), Gramercy Tavern (New York) and Chiltern Firehouse (London). To date, these reservations have been accessible by contacting the Concierge service, but with the introduction of this new restaurant reservation tool within the Amex mobile app, U.S. Platinum and Centurion Card Members will soon have the option to also find and book these exclusive tables with from the Amex mobile app. That’s definitely an improvement.

The service is already available in November to a portion of Platinum Card members, but over the coming months, it will be available to the broader Platinum and Centurion Card Member base in early 2020.


  1. Is this a special allocation of availability or just something you can do through the app rather than through the website of the restaurant?


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