An Amazing Nighttime Experience


Days 312-314 Tuesday-Thursday February 26-28, 2008 – Hervey Bay & Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

If you guessed that Tuesday’s weather was worse than the previous days then you would be correct. We utilized our contingency plan and visited the mall to take in a movie before getting out of town. The drive from the Sunshine Coast to Hervey Bay took around three hours. We took it slow because of the weather. The only sight of note on the whole trip was a giant pineapple that we glimpsed in a fleeting moment. The Aussies love to build oversized objects!

With the movie and driving taking up most of our day we didn’t arrive in Hervey Bay until after dark. This made us happy since it was the first day in a few that we didn’t sit around trying to kill time. On Wednesday morning we set out to see some of the town’s sights.

Note: The rest of this post was lost due to a data failure and was not able to be recovered.

Editor’s Note from 8/21/2012:

As I was sitting here working on this particular post, it broke my heart that it is one of the few that I am not able to recover.  Why is my heart broken? It is quite simply because going to the turtle hatchery at Mon Repos was one of my favorite experiences of the entire trip.  There was something truly magical about watching the turtles climb out of the sand and instinctively make their first steps directly into the ocean.

While the night at Mon Repos was long and we had to sit around and wait for over two hours just to gain access to the beach, I would recommend the experience to anyone.  Even if getting up to Mon Repos in Australia isn’t an option, find a turtle hatchery near you and plan a visit.  Watching undisturbed nature is so amazing and watching newly hatched turtles run into the water was as breathtaking an experience as there is.  Since this post is light on details, I am going to post a lot of photos in the gallery below.  Enjoy!

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